Egyptian Circus Lion Loses It And Attacks Tamer

A tragedy occurred during a circus show in Alexandria, Egypt, as an Egyptian circus lion got erratic and attacked the circus tamer.

A circus trainer identified as Islam Shaheen was seen in a video motioning at a lion with a stick. One of the lions lost control and attacked him during a Live show.

As he motioned his stick at one of the lions, another was climbing the ladder and one more ferociously pounced on the 35-year of circus tamer. He mauled and bit Shaheen.

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The incident as contained in the footage left the audience screaming and his colleagues rushed in to help him. They poked the lions with sticks and carried off Shaheen who was full of injuries and lying almost lifeless on the floor.

Shaheen, who has worked for 10-years as a circus trainer, was rushed to Andalusian Salam hospital but report says he later gave up the ghost. He died of complications from fatal injuries.


The lion that attacked the circus tamer was new to the circus family. The wild cat had just been imported from South Africa.

According to the circus spokesman, Mohammed Mustafa said the lion’s attack was so because the lion was in the mating season, thus, behaving erratically.

The lion has been subjected to vet checks and will not be part of circus shows till further notice. The filmed eyesore is almost a repeat of what happened with yet another circus performance in Egypt last year.

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Faten El-Helw was in the ring, all set to commence the show. The video showed her waving to her fans when co-entertainer and circus lion suddenly swooped on her.

The lion constrained the tamer to the ground and savagely bit her on the shoulder. El-Helw’s colleagues intervened by luring the lions back into their cages. Unlike Shaheen, she survived the ordeal after receiving treatment at the hospital.