The Gist On Elise Jordan’s Marriages And Her Rise To Prominence

Political commentaries tend to be boring when it is handled by someone who does not have a knack for it. However, when you see the likes of Elise Jordan run the same commentary, you will have a lot of reasons to look forward to watching her again as the journalist is well-versed in the field and knows how to deliver.

This, notwithstanding, ever since her career started, she has faced a few controversies and has also been criticized by a few people, especially when she made bold to challenge the administration of the current president of the United States, Donald Trump. In spite of this, Jordan hasn’t let her work challenges get to her but has forged ahead and is doing perfectly well in her career.

Here Is What We Know About Elise Jordan’s Early Life Before The Fame

Born as Catherine Elise Jordan on the 22nd of June 1990, Elsie grew up within the suburbs of Holly Springs under the watch of her parents: Kelly Jordan and Susan Boone Jordan who are both Americans and belong to the white ethnicity. Elise has a brother named Russell Jordan with whom she had what can best be described as a fun childhood. Sources say she was quite a jolly child who in a bid to catch fun was often heady. The reporter was fond of dancing and is a die-hard fan of the late pop singer, Michael Jackson. Sadly, her dad Kelly Jordan passed on sometime in 2016 after suffering a heart attack.

Regarding her education, Elise Jordan was a student at Little Angels high school. Joining the prestigious Yale University in 2000, she spent four productive years, leaving in 2004 with a degree in Journalism. During her days in the university, the young reporter worked with the institution’s independent student newspaper called Yale Daily News; the publication was run by Yale students in New Haven. Elsie’s interest in journalism had sprung up when she was a growing child as she admired her uncle who worked as a journalist at the time.

Being A Republican, Jordan Started Her Career With The Bush Administration

Even before she became a journalist, Elise Jordan has been a Republican; this informed her decision to join the Bush administration in 2004, working at the White House in her capacity as a researcher. A couple of years later – in May 2006, she began working as a speechwriter for Condoleezza Rice – an American political scientist and diplomat who at that time was the 66th US Secretary of State. Jordan retained the position for almost two years until February 2008 when her hard work paid off and she was called to handle a greater task.

Later on, Jordan contributed to the success of various political magazines like The Daily Beast and Time Magazine with her well-written truth and fact revealing articles. Seeing how talented and hardworking Elise is, the United States National Security Council took her on in 2008 to be one of the directors of communication and also as the presidential speechwriter.

Though she spent just one year in these positions, the former presidential speechwriter was really good at her job and was able to make an impact until 2009 when Democratic candidate Barack Obama succeeded President Bush. Needless to say that after his inauguration in January 2009, Elise Jordan had to leave her position alongside most staff members of the ousted administration.

Elise Jordan Later Went To Explore The Public Sector

Subsequently, the former White House staff went to explore the public sector and in February 2009, Deloitte & Touche hired her services as a senior advisor for strategy, planning, and policy. Jordan only spent five months on the job during which her impact was felt in the USAID Capacity Development Project in Kabul, Afghanistan. Additionally, 10 ministry communications offices also enjoyed her services as an advisor; the journalist left in July 2009.

Her next stop was at National Review Online (the web version of the US conservative bi-monthly editorial magazine) where she put in some months (from June 2011 to January 2012) as a columnist. Elise Jordan was employed by a Stamford, Connecticut financial consulting firm called H/2 Capital Partners, working in her capacity as the chief of staff from March 2013 to April 2015.

She Started Making TV Appearances In 2011

Jordan’s debut TV appearance was accomplished in 2011 as a guest panellist on a single episode of Red Eye with Tom Shillue – the Fox News talk show. Before the year ended, she made her debut appearance on Hannity. The next year, Jordan was featured as a guest on one episode of Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO. She showed up in Fox and Friends and On the Record with Brit Hume in 2013, and until 2014, the journalist continued making sporadic appearances on Hannity after which she made the decision to explore a more challenging environment.

Since she left college, Jordan has mostly lived in a conservative bubble, even her time in public office and gig at Fox News were not challenging enough to test her personal belief; however, she met an entirely new environment in January 2016 upon joining MSNBC and NBC News. MSNBC, which is presently seen as the progressive equivalent of Fox News, was even more challenging; there, Elise Jordan faced regular challenges from the hosts themselves, something that was never done at Fox.

She Is Currently Having An Interesting Time At MSNBC

In 2018, she began doing the Words Matter podcast alongside her co-host, Steve Schmidt – a political consultant. Before long, they were able to find the right audience for their centre-right content.

The next year, Jordan collaborated with the Words Matter executive producer Adam Levine to interview Schmidt who walked out on them after he was made to face difficult questions about his work with Howard Schultz – the former chief executive officer of Starbucks and aspiring politician. Subsequently, both Jordan and Schmidt quit the podcast.

In her works as a political commentator for MSNBC, she has stood out in the American pay television network and has made many contributions in the scheme of things as it pertains to politics in the United States of America. Following Jordan’s criticisms of Donald Trump, some regard her as anti-Trump while a few others say she is just doing her job.

Elise Jordan’s First Attempt At Love Was Met With Tragedy

Elise Jordan
Elise Jordan and Michael Hastings image source

Elsie married one of her kind in the industry. Her husband, Michael Hastings was an American journalist, author, contributing editor to Rolling Stone, and reporter for BuzzFeed. Michael was born and raised in Malon, New York as one of the three children born to Dr. Brent Hastings and his wife Dr. Molly Hastings. Michael graduated from New York University after bagging a degree in Journalism. He was the voice behind most events on top news and was also the voice that fed the United States during the Iraqi Crisis.

Just like his wife, he excelled on various magazine platforms and was also noted to be one of the best in the various organizations he worked in. He stood before the high and mighties in the political world, interviewing them and feeding the world with the right facts about events and the reasons behind them.

Elise and Michael met on set in 2007 and there, their love story began. They dated for four years before exchanging their vows in an elaborate ceremony in 2011. Just two years after, Michael Hastings died in a car crash that occurred in Hancock Park in the neighbourhood of Los Angeles. It was quite devastating as his body was burnt beyond recognition.

She Is Now The Wife Of Digital Director Mike Hogan

Elise Jordan
Elise Jordan and Mike Hogan image source

After the demise of her first husband in 2013, it took the grieving widow four years to make another attempt at love. Elise Jordan’s second husband is interestingly in the same profession as a journalist. Mike Hogan earns a living working as a digital director for Vanity Fair, overseeing the magazine’s digital editions and website. Before he got his current job at Vanity Fair Magazine, Hogan was with The Huffington Post as an Executive Culture and Editor.

The duo had their official engagement in 2017 and by September the same year, they exchanged marriage vows in a small ceremony. The couple’s marriage has endured for almost three years and they seem to be living happily, often spotted together at public functions and events. The couple also posts content about each other on social media. Their union has been blessed with a son, though his name and birth details are yet to be made public. Jordan took to Instagram to wish her husband happy anniversary after their first year together.


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