7 Things You Didn’t Know About Elizabeth Lail of Once Upon A Time

Quite eloquent with her lines, the Texas-born Elizabeth Lail is famous for her brilliant display of several characters in movies like Model Airplane (2011), Without (2014), Dead of Summer (2016), The Blacklist (2017), Unintended (2018), Amy Hughes in Dead of Summer (2016); Guinevere Beck in You (2018), and Countdown (2019). In all of these movies, it is quite difficult not to notice her acting skills on screen.

In addition, Elizabeth Lail has grown in her career with her portrayal of a character like Princess Anna in several episodes of the fourth season of Once Upon A Time. The TV series is an American fantasy drama series which centered on fairy tales and magic among many other fascinating features. Since Elizabeth got famous, her personality has been of interest to many people and in the paragraphs below, we presented all you should know about him.

7 Things You Should Know About Elizabeth Lail of Once Upon a Time

1. Elizabeth Lail’s interest in acting

Acting for Elizabeth Lial could be traced back to when she was still a student at The University of North Carolina School of Arts. She appeared in a handful of school theater production and was quite good at playing her roles. She took her time before eventually deciding to go professional.

2. She initially wanted a career in theatre

Having found passion in acting, Elizabeth Lail wanted to remain as a stage actress. She loved her comfort during her early years, however, fate had its way and 6 months after her college graduation. She stumbled on an audition which led to her featuring in the fourth season of Once Upon a Time. Ever since then, Elizabeth has become a regular on most television series as well as lengthy films.

3. Relationship life

Elizabeth Elizabeth Lail and Julain Haig
Elizabeth Lail and Julain Haig

Unarguably, every famed star has in one way or the other put their fans on the spot when it comes to their relationship status. It is either they get into a romantic hoax or come out straight or gay. For Elizabeth Lail, this is no exception. Ever since she got famous, her relationship status has over the years become a thought for discussion.

While many have concluded that she was either single or gay, Elizabeth in 2015, was reported to have gotten romantically hitched with Australian actor and model Julian Haig. They both met on stage and fell in love. Shortly after the news got out, there were several trending reports that the couple ended the relationship in 2016.

Inasmuch as rumors continue to prop up every now and then about her dates, Elizabeth Lial has rather been quiet about that important detail in her life.

4. Elizabeth Lail has worked as a babysitter

Before she got known to many people as a professional actress, she took a job as a babysitter. Interestingly, she headed straight to the stage and auditioned for a role in Once Upon A Time. That audition was not only her first major work but new dawn to her becoming famous.

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5. What is her net worth?

Elizabeth Lail has appeared in a good number of TV series and films since she took to acting. Her career as an actress is her major source of income and there have been several rumors that she earns about $10,000 to $12,000 per episode. However, she has neither attested nor denied this claim.

As to her net worth, it has been estimated at $650,000. However, this has not been thoroughly verified but it still serves as a good estimate of how much the actress is worth.

6. She is into charity

Aside from her acting career, Elizabeth Lial is known for her various contributions to several charity organizations. The most known among her charity fundraisings are Space on Ryder Farm – a charity aimed at aiding artists to create work in a safe environment. Also to the communities at risk of facing fire accidents, she has supported in the installment of about 100,000 free smoke alarms in more than 100 communities which are at risk of facing fire accidents. She has done this work through the American Red Cross’ initiative.

7. Height and body measurement

Elizabeth Lail stands at a height of 5 feet and 8 inches (176) and corresponding weight of 55kg or 121lbs. She is quite pretty and could be taken as a beauty queen any day.


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