Tracing Elizabeth Plank’s Path to Her Own Show at NBC News and Other Facts About The Journalist

Elizabeth Plank who is also known as Liz Plank is a prestigious journalist who has used her profession to serve as a voice for many women. She was previously associated with Vox Media, where she worked as a senior video correspondent. She also served as the brain behind the multimedia platform, Divided States of Women that consisted of podcasts and video series, for which she contributed as the host and producer. Recently, she created and produced a new digital show, Positive Spin which aired on NBC News.

Over the years, Liz has organized many viral campaigns to promote the voice of the less influential people in the society such as #WhyWomenDontReport. Having acquired a post-graduate degree in Social Policy, the former video correspondent has made valuable contributions as a writer and equally appeared as a frequent guest on multiple TV Networks which include BBC World, Al-Jazeera America, Fox News.  

Elizabeth Plank Began Working As a Writer While At LSE

Plank is an alumna of McGill University in Quebec where she studied Women’s Studies and International Development. After graduating from the university, she enrolled in the London School of Economics (LSE) for a post-graduate program. While at LSE, Elizabeth Plank started contributing write-ups for widely known journals like Huffington Post.

The intelligent journalist pulled a heavyweight in 2012 when she averted a rule by the Amateur International Boxing Association that requested female boxers who were to compete at the 2012 London Olympic Games to wear skirts, through an online petition website she launched with about 55,000 forms of a petition signed by many who supported the campaign.

Soon after, she obtained an MA in Social Policy and Gender Studies from LSE and there, she had her first gig as a research assistant, as well as working in the consultancy field.

Her Roles At Mic Marked The Beginning Of A Professional Career In Journalism

Liz eventually began her journalistic work at Mic in the year 2013. While at the New York-based internet and media company, her excellent reportage on feminist issues fetched her mainstream attention which helped her climb through ranks to become the head of Mic’s viral content team. There, she also served as a senior correspondent and aided in the creation of a weekly video series, Flip The Script that emphasizes social problems.

Elizabeth Plank
Elizabeth Plank at MSNBC’s Krystal Clear image source

Later on, she began working for MSNBC’s Krystal Clear as a correspondent, having garnered experience while covering social and political news for Mic. Following her brilliant contributions and write-ups, her works have gained spots on various journals such as Jezebel, The New York Times, NPR, The Daily Beast, and others.

Elizabeth Plank has also amassed a huge fan base on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter where she enlightens her followers with the latest news and social trends.

The Journalist Was Projected To A Wider Audience Following Her Work As Vox Media’s Senior Video Correspondent

Prior to the 2016 United States presidential election, Elizabeth Plank was hired by Vox Media to cover the election. During her time at the media outlet, she worked as a senior video correspondent. She also created and produced a multimedia platform which comprised of video series and podcasts titled, Divided States of Women for which she served as the host and hence, increased her fan base through the medium.

More so, she created and hosted a video series on the United States presidential election in 2016 titled, 2016ish which won an award. While serving as the host of the series, she conducted interviews on prominent political personalities like the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, Senator Murphy, and others. She left Vox Media in 2019 to focus on some of her personal projects.

Elizabeth Plank Launched A Digital Show On NBC In 2020

Having been associated with MSNBC since 2013, the journalist had an offer to create a digital show for the company in January 2020. Then there came the COVID-19 pandemic which prompted her to launch a new digital show with NBC News THINK titled Positive Spin that aims to inspire viewers as Plank explores the impact of the pandemic through a positive lens. The show was created in a three-episode series and aired on NBC News THINK on three consecutive Fridays, starting from July 24th, 2020.

With a careful look at life during the pandemic, Elizabeth filmed the show in three segments with the first tackling the issue of men being less inclined to wearing masks, for which former NFL player, Wade Davis provided a TED Talk titled The Mask of Masculinity. For the second segment which focused on how people were coping with their dating life during the pandemic, Plank, who was maintaining safety requirements, went on a social distanced date thrice.

She then used the protests that emanated from George Floyd’s murder to tackle the third issue on the fight against systemic racism. Through the good news-focused show, the former Vox correspondent was able to impart positive attitude about life in a lot of people who were scared, suffering and in pain.

The Notable Writer’s Works In The Media Have Won Her Accolades

Elizabeth Plank is regarded as one of the influential journalists in the United States following her advocacy for women’s right and her contributions to politics. As a passionate advocate of women’s rights, she believes that a woman should have equal rights and opportunities in the society and as such, she has gone ahead to present talks and video series confronting such social issues with regards to politics and reproductive rights.

She offers emotional support to her audience through a podcast titled Heart Homework which she creates and serves as the host. Plank’s critically acclaimed TedxTalk, How to Be a Man: A Woman’s Guide inspired her to write her first book entitled “For the Love of Men: A New Vision for Mindful Masculinity” in September 2019. Following her notable works in the media, Elizabeth Plank was ranked among Mediaite’s Most Influential In News Media.

She was also rated by Marie Claire among the 50 Most Influential Women and equally made Forbes’ list of 30 Under 30 in Media. Additionally, Liz’s works on social media have garnered hundreds of millions of views and also earned her multiple awards, including the Webby Award and Shorty Award.

What Is Elizabeth Plank’s Net Worth?

Plank has obviously done well for herself in the journalism field. Aside from Vox Media and MSNBC, the skilled writer has also been associated with many widely known TV networks where she makes worthwhile contributions such as ABC News and CNN. She also owns a production company, as such, she serves as the executive producer of most of her video series. The talented journalist is said to be worth around $1 million.

What We Know About Her Love Life

The award-winning journalist has successfully managed to keep details of her love life on a low profile as there are no stories that indicate that she might be in a relationship.

Although back in 2013, she did mention her mysterious boyfriend in a post but has not further revealed any information with regards to her romantic life. Elizabeth Plank, however, is believed to be single and not yet hitched.

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