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Elizabeth Prann is one of the adept female reporters in the field of journalism. As one of the personalities on TV who informs the world about global activities, Prann is currently working as an anchor at Fox News Channel. The reputable journalist made a wonderful display of her unique reporting skills when she provided an extensive report about the Deepwater Horizon oil spill and the catastrophic West Fertiliser Plant Explosion. As a result, she became popular and was rated among the top American female journalists.

Having previously worked as an assistant producer for Fox News Channel current affairs program titled On The Record W/Greta Van Susteren, the esteemed reporter has moved on to make a name for herself as one of the adroit journalists in America. Learn more fascinating facts about the reporter’s early life, family, career and achievements.

Elizabeth Prann – Bio, Age

The Fox News Channel correspondent was born in Aurora, Colorado in the United States of America in 1985. Elizabeth Prann is reportedly the only child of her parents. She is of Caucasian ethnicity and holds an American nationality. The adroit journalist has maintained a low key profile as much is not known about her childhood and parents. However, she is known to have acquired a Bachelor of Science degree in Journalism from the University of Florida, US. She is also a known fellow of the lacrosse team for women.

Career Achievements

Having acquired a sound knowledge in the field, Prann began her career as an assistant producer in 2006. She worked on the production of the Fox News current affair program On The Record W/Greta Van Susteren which was hosted by lawyer Greta Van Susteren. While working as an assistant producer, the famous journalist played an important part in the creation of the website, Gretawire.com and also in producing content on the site. More so, she took part in the launching of the show’s podcast.

From 2008 to 2010, Prann got a job at the National Broadcasting Company (NBC), where she served as a reporter, anchor and producer on the network’s Panama City TV station. Later in 2010, the talented journalist started working at Fox News Channel as a reporter and this eventually paved the way for her in becoming a renowned journalist who has continued to showcase her intrinsic reporting ability to the world. During the time of Deepwater Horizon oil spill, the skilful reporter provided extensive coverage of the environmental hazard right from the scene and her outstanding report was highly acclaimed by many.

Similarly, she carried out another brilliant report on the West Fertiliser Plant Explosion while working at Fox News Channel correspondent. Since joining the Fox News Channel, Prann has covered multiple world stories such as her extensive report on Hurricane Irene, the Drought which occurred in Georgia, Hurricane Sandy, the River Deluge at Mississippi and her recent coverage on Hurricane Isaac. Elizabeth Prann is currently working as an anchor for the Head Line News on the Fox News Channel. The adept reporter is based in Fox News office at Washington D. C.

Although the famous reporter has not bagged an award as a journalist, she has been highly acclaimed on many occasions. Following her outstanding reporting skill and the terrific job which she has executed over the years as a reporter, as well as a program producer, it won’t be long before she lands an award.

Notwithstanding, Elizabeth Prann has acquired enormous wealth from her thriving career as she earns a salary which is estimated to be above $70,000 and of course, her net worth is believed to be in six figures.

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Elizabeth Prann Family – Her Husband

Elizabeth Prann
Elizabeth Prann with her husband and daughter

The beautiful fox News Channel anchor is married to Darren O’Day whom she got acquainted with when they were still in college as both attended the same school. Darren O’Day is a well-known baseball player by profession who is currently playing as a relief pitcher in the Major League Baseball (MLB) for the Atlanta Braves. O’Day has made a mark in the MLB as he is rated among the best relief pitchers as a result of his unique talent in throwing submarine pitches.

Prann and O’Day got married at the Ritz-Carlton, Atlanta on the 20th of November 2010 and they have welcomed a daughter named Claire O’Day. The couple is happily married and they have remained together for close to a decade without any separation rumours.

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