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As far as meteorologists go, you cant find them more beautiful than Ella Dorsey, who works with CBS46 and has achieved fame and an increased fan-base through her amazing performance at her duty point and beyond. No many in her line of work are as famous as Dorsey and that is because she went beyond her job on tv to carve out a niche for herself on social media where she successfully has massive followership. The scintillating beauty’s activeness on popular social networks like Instagram and Twitter has rewarded her beyond measure.

Ella Dorsey’s Biography

Ella Dorsey was the only child of her parents who welcomed her on the 27th of December, 1997 in Baltimore, Maryland. With a digital editor for CNN as a mum and an inspirational speaker for a father, the young diva was inspired into finding her way to the media world with more interest in the affairs of the earth crust and weather. Apparently, her father gave her a discovery channel VCR titled Tornado, Hurricane, Flood when she was 4 and she became completely obsessed. She often gives credit to her parents more especially her dad for inspiring her to attain the heights she has.

With such obsession at a young age, Ella pursued her career in meteorology by graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Geography and a certificate in Atmospheric Sciences in 2009 from the University of Georgia. As a distinguished student, she graduated Summa Cum Laude in 2013.

With the passion to attain the level at which she sees her mum, Ella Dorsey secured a job not too long after graduation as part of the WBIR-TV team in Tennessee and made good use of the opportunity given to her. In 2016, Ella Dorsey found her way to working with CBS46 as a meteorologist and has since then built her fan base and fame through her marvelous work and her frantic active status on popular social networking sites.

For her prowess and notable scientific understanding, especially of environmental issues, Ella Dorsey received the Award for Excellence in Science Reporting which is often given to the best among all AMS Certified Broadcast Meteorologists and AMS Sealholders.

Despite her good job at reporting the weather, Ella Dorsey had her taste of mega-fame in 2017 when she and her colleagues were nominated for the Emmy Award, for their coverage of Hurricane Irma, a feat that was every bit as challenging as it looked.

Personal Profile of The Instagram Model

 Ella Dorsey’s Relationship Status

With much of her life activities followed up on social media, Ella Dorsey has stirred many controversies over her romantic life which has remained hazy over the years. Any known detail about her dating life came in 2016 when she twitted ‘My boyfriend just told me my wet hair smells like a dog’. This raised many comments as fans poured in their thoughts asking for more details about who the mystery guy is, but Ella refrained from giving any clarifications for the post.

From the much we have gathered, Ella Dorsey is not single, she is in a relationship, but there is no evidence as to who she is involved with and whether or not we are expecting wedding bells anytime soon. Things will only be clear up if Ella decides to spill the details of her love life.


Dorsey’s studies in Georgia drew her interest to the football team Georgia Bulldogs as she always makes out time to go watch them play. Her favorite flower is the Tulip and in music, she has the unique taste of admiring Rihanna and the group Chainsmokers. Ella is a lover of earrings and her favorite book is ‘Hot Zone.

The Instagram model loves to shop t-shirts at Forever 21, as they seem not quite expensive and very comfortable. Her Instagram page is filled with over 400 pictures as she fascinates her fans and followers with her astonishing beauty and dress sense.

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Net Worth

Ella Dorsey garnered a good bulk of her net worth from her career as a meteorologist. Through defined sources, the average salary of a CBS meteorologist in the United States of America is $76,819 annually and this is assumed to be what she makes. However, Ella Dorsey’s net worth is still under review.

Height and Weight

Ella Dorsey is blessed in the height department, she stands at a towering height recorded at 5 feet 11 inches. Her weight has not been disclosed but a good look at her hourglass figure will tell you she weighs perfection.


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