Little Known Facts About Elle Johnson, Her Online Presence and Interesting Love Life

Instagram has turned a lot of people into celebrities. Some of these celebrities, through the platform, has gone ahead to establish a career in comedy, fashion, makeup, and so many more unthinkable acts. While there has been a high rate of successes, a few are still struggling to survive on the platform. However, Elle Johnson, who started a no bra movement on the platform, has built an impressive career as a media personality. She has also gone ahead to work as a model. Despite her influence on the platform, Elle has seen her account taken down several times due to sexually explicit content she continued to update. With each time her account is taken down, Elle continued to come back even stronger.

Elle Johnson’s Early Life Has Continued To Be A Mystery

She was born in Park City, Utah State in the United States of America, on the 25th of October 1990. Johnson sure has a family; however, she is yet to reveal the details of her family, as well as her siblings. As it stands, no one knows who they are or where she had her formative years. Though her Instagram handle shows that she still resides at her place of birth. Concerning the details of her education, we are yet to get the exact details as to which schools she attended, and when she graduated.

Howbeit, there are claims that Elle Johnson was a scholar at South Brunswick High School in North Carolina. Our doubts on if Elle truly was a scholar at the high school is based on the fact that there is another famed lady named Elle Johnson, whose IMDb page states that she works as a producer, writer, and miscellaneous crew in the film industry. Several other sites also reported that she attended the same high school.

She Started Her Modeling Career At A Young Age

Blessed with good looks, Elle started her career since she was very young. Her path to modeling was first charted when she was sighted by a modeling agency and offered a contract. Her parents had no problem with that, hence they offered her all the support she needed. Details of her modeling work have not been provided in the public domain.

Elle Johnson soon built a career as a social media model and media personality, and ever since she sprung to fame, she has no doubt kept her fans in awe. With her influence on social media, she has garnered a lot of fans and has also created a movement on Instagram that encourages women to stop wearing a bra. She started the movement with a hashtag #freethecleavage.

More so, Elle has also played as a model. She mainly appears in Men magazines and has also fronted a lot of other magazines. She has worked with firms like Maxim, FHM, and Sports Illustrated. On Instagram, her hot sexy photos have pulled a lot of fans to her page. Dubbed “too sexy for Instagram,” Elle Johnson was banned from the social media site in 2017 when she was shown the way out for sharing pictures deemed too racy. It didn’t take long before the account was brought back.

However, that wouldn’t be the first time she would have the kick as she was “previously deactivated for what she termed no apparent reason.” She insisted Instagram had something against her as it continued to ban her for sharing pictures not as bad as many others. In 2019, she revealed that the platform had put her on its naughty list as it was shadow banning her.

She Keeps Turning In More Money With Posts She Makes On Social Media

Elle Johnson’s main source of income is through her social media and modeling career. It has been proven that she earns a decent amount of money annually. The Utah native endorses various products and services on her social media handles, including wears for brands such as Fuel Clothing Co. Considering her huge followership, she does not make anything less than $500 for each post.

Although her modeling career is thriving, her salary and net worth are still unknown, but it is quite certain that her net worth would run into thousands of dollars.

Elle Johnson’s Love Life Is Still Hard To Unravel

Elle Johnson in her way has brought a lot of confusion online with regards to the true identity of the man who stole her heart. She has pulled several stunts and has succeeded in hiding the details of her true lover. On her Instagram handle, she has posted several pictures of different young men with sweet captions.


On the 3rd of February 2019, she posted a picture of her among many men insinuating her love for them but was quite particular about one of the men named Dominic. While a lot was pondering if Dominic was her man, on the 30th of March 2019, she uploaded a picture of herself and the late singer and actor Elvis Presley.

Those who were unaware that the singer had long died began to speculate that she had finally revealed her lover man. While we are still digging around to get the details of Elle Johnson’s true love, we may have to conclude that the media personality is currently still single. That said, she still has many men gushing over her on social media.

Rumor Has It That Her Shape Is Probably Enhanced By Surgery

Elle Johnson is among those women who have tapped from their super good looks to reach the top of their career, most especially as it is social media modeling. Beautiful and unafraid to share as much of her body as she feels necessary on social media platforms, there have been suggestions that her hourglass body shape is probably thanks to plastic surgery. Whether that is true or not, she has been able to maintain her good looks for quite a long time.

A champion of the no-bra movement, she has a body that measures 36-26-36 inches for her bust, waist, and hip, which could attest to the fact that she is quite curvy. While not necessarily the tallest woman on any given day, she has a good height that is of an advantage to her in her chosen career. The model stands at a height of 5 feet 7 inches and carries a balanced weight of 60 kg. She is blonde-haired and blue-eyed.

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