These Three Roles Made Elliot Knight a Known Star and These Are The Women He Has Dated

Elliot Knight is a very talented British actor who has been in the film industry for many years, starring in over a dozen movies and TV series during this time. However, not all the roles he has played onscreen has fetched him recognition. While he went almost unnoticed in some roles, he got his name on people’s lips with others.

Knight is known for portraying the titular character in the action-adventure fantasy family saga television series, Sinbad, where his performance got him loads of praise. Also, if you have seen the ABC TV series Once Upon a Time, then you will be no stranger to the actor who starred as Merlin in the series. He has further starred in other TV series and movies that have helped to establish him as one of the young British actors to keep an eye out for.

Elliot Knight’s Role as Sinbad Announced His Arrival on the Scene

Elliot Knight, who was born in the city of Birmingham, West Midlands, England, on the 10th of July 1990, did not kick start his onscreen acting career like most other actors and actresses. Usually, upcoming actors would start by playing very minor roles when they start their careers before eventually progressing over the years to land bigger roles onscreen. Elliot, however, began by playing lead roles straight away.

Elliot Knight
Elliot Knight stars in Sinbad

In fact, when he was still studying at the Manchester Metropolitan School of Theatre, his acting talent had already been noticed, and by 2011 when he was about to graduate, it was announced by Sky1, a British pay television channel, that he had landed the lead role in the TV series, Sinbad. This was his very first professional role and it was very interesting that he would play the lead character.

Elliot Knight was very excited to have been cast to play the titular character in Sinbad. He said in an interview that he was really thrilled about the role. When the action-adventure series eventually aired in 2012 on Sky1, Knight’s lead role coupled with his incredible skill launched him into the spotlight. The series found success in the UK and even became the highest-rated pay television program for the night.

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The success of Sinbad further launched Elliot into prominence as an actor to watch out for. His performance was applauded by critics who hailed him for his incredible performance in what was his first professional role.

How Knight Worked His Magic in ‘Once Upon A Time’

After he portrayed the titular character in Sinbad, Elliot Knight went on to play some other roles in other series like Law & Order: UK and By Any Means in 2013 and How to Get Away with Murder in 2014. However, it was in 2015 that he played another role that got people talking about him.

Jennifer Morrison and Elliot Knight in Once Upon a Time

In 2015, Elliot landed the recurring role of Merlin in Once Upon a Time, an American fantasy-adventure drama television series in its 5th season. In a 2015 interview, the actor explained that he was surprised when he got a call asking if he would like to meet with the show’s creators and he replied affirmatively. When he eventually met with them, he got the role.

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When fans learned about this, they went wild with excitement. It was this excitement that further fueled Knight’s desire to put in his very best. According to him, he was very excited that the fans were “just so open-minded.” When Elliot’s performance as Merlin in Once Upon A Time eventually hit the screens, it was met with a very positive response and reviews from critics, some of whom described his input as ‘magic’.

‘Life Sentence’ Proved That Elliot Knight Was Here To Stay

Following his performance as Merlin in Once Upon A Time, Elliot Knight went on to star in other productions, including the TV movie The Advocate in 2015, the TV series American Gothic and film Billionaire Ransom in 2016, and the comedy series No Tomorrow in 2017. It was after these roles that he put in another mind-blowing performance in The CW comedy-drama series, Life Sentence.

Elliot Knight and Lucy Hale in ‘Life Sentence’

Elliot Knight was cast to play the main role of Wes Charles in Life Sentence in 2018. His casting was announced in March 2017 and fans were again full of anticipation about what the movie star will do in this new role.

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Life Sentence premiered on March 7, 2018, with Elliot Knight playing the main role. The show lasted for only one season before it concluded on the 15th of June 2018 with a total of 13 episodes. Although the show had mixed reviews, fans hailed Knight’s performance which was, as usual, topnotch. It was a reaffirmation that the actor was here to stay and that the future was very bright for the budding star.

Elliot Knight Is Rumored To Be Dating His ‘Life Sentence’ Co-Star Lucy Hale

Elliot Knight and Lucy Hale share a kiss on the set of ‘Life Sentence’.

There is no denying that Elliot Knight is a very handsome man and many female fans have often expressed their love for him on social media. Others have wondered who the woman in his life is. Well, as of the time of writing, we know that Elliot isn’t married to anyone. It is also not certain if he is dating as well.

The handsome actor has, however, been spotted oftentimes with Lucy Hale, an American actress who appeared alongside him in Life Sentence. The duo have often been seen together in picture uploads on their Instagram handles. They have also been seen visiting different places together and sharing long passionate kisses on movie sets. This has led to speculation that they may actually be dating.

But, so far, neither of them have confirmed or rebuffed their dating rumors. In fact, what they have appears to be a serious case of a really beautiful friendship. On Elliot Knight’s birthday, Lucy Hale shared an amazing birthday message to wish him well and the actor returned the favor on Lucy Hale’s birthday.

So far, there are no reports of Elliot Knight being in a romantic relationship with anyone else. In fact, most of the photos he posts on social media are of his work, his sister, or of Lucy Hale.

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