Elsa Einstein – Kids, Parents and Facts About Albert Einstein’s Wife

Elsa Einstein is the second wife of the legendary theoretical physicist, Albert Einstein. He was famed for his many contributions in science, especially in physics that gave him the moniker – Father of modern physics. Elsa Einstein doubles as the maternal first cousin and a paternal second cousin of her husband, Albert. The fearless woman stepped up into marriage with her physicist cousin whom she became his second wife in 1919 after Albert divorced his first wife and mother of his children, Mileva Matrić.

Both Elsa and Albert are long dead, but their stories are still evergreen. Get to learn about her bio, kids, parents and surrounding facts about this Albert’s second wife.

Elsa Einstein’s Bio

Elsa Einstein was born Elsa Einstein on January 18, 1876, in Hechingen, in the present day Germany. It is not surprising that the beautiful lady bore the surname Einstein; it is a well-known fact that she is from the big family of Einstein by virtue of her birth. She grew up in Germany and visited Munich on several occasions and played with Albert on occasions of her visits. Albert left Munich in 1894 to join his family in Milan, and Elsa lost contact with him but they would end up again not as cousins but man and wife.

As popular as the name Elsa Einstein appears in the cyberspace, none of these media space has come up with a credible fact about where she had her education if at all she went to school, which seems an impossible presumption owing to the pedigree the family she came from.

Our efforts to ascertain which career path Elsa took up during her prime also proved abortive. It is an open secret that she served as Albert’s gatekeeper and protector when they were married in the later parts of their lives. She had a practical and managerial mind and managed Albert’s business engagements. More so, protected and shielded her husband from unwanted friends while escorting him to different places for lectures and talks.

Who Are Her Parents?

Elsa Einstein is the daughter of Rudolf Einstein and Fanny Koch Einstein. Elsa’s father Rudolf Einstein was a textile manufacturer and the son of Raphael Einstein, a brother of Albert’s paternal grandfather, whereas Elsa’s mother was the sister of Albert’s mother. Elsa is summarily the maternal first cousin and a paternal second cousin of Albert Einstein. Elsa had two sisters, the elderly one was named Hermine, and she was born in 1872, but died in 1942. The second one was named Paula, born in 1878 but passed on in 1955.

Elsa Einstein’s Kids

Elsa Einstein’s first shot at marriage was in 1896 when she tied the knot with a textile trader from Berlin named Max Löwenthal. Elsa was just twenty years old when she first said: “I Do”.  Her first marriage with Max Löwenthal brought forth three children – two daughters and a son. The first daughter named IIse was born in 1897, whereas the second daughter Margot was born in 1899. Their only son born in 1903 but unfortunately, he died shortly after his birth, thus leaving Elsa and her husband, Max Löwenthal with two daughters. Elsa Einstein’s union with Max’s lasted for about twelve years until when they officially divorced on May 11, 1908.  She quickly moved on with her daughters and began putting with her parents.

Other Facts About Albert Einstein’s Wife

Marriage with Albert Einstein

Elsa Einstein
Elsa and Albert Einstein image source

Following her divorce from Löwenthal in 1908, Elsa Einstein began a relationship with her cousin, Albert Einstein in 1912. At the time, Albert was married to his first wife – Mileva Matrić, who had borne him three children (one of which had died). When Mileva Matrić found out about her husband’s affair with Elsa, it led to their separation in 1914, they officially divorced on February 14, 1919, after living separately for five years. Their official separation paved the way for Albert to take Elsa as his second wife and officially legalize his union with her on June 2, 1919.

Her celebrity scientist husband – Albert Einstein assumed the fatherly roles to her two children. Although there were reports that Albert made advances towards IIse, Elsa first daughter who served as Albert’s secretary at some point. That did not deter Elsa from loving and traveling together with Albert to give lectures and talks in different locations.

With the rise of the Nazi Party in Germany in the 1930s, Elsa and Albert Einstein’s family relocated to the United States in 1933 where Albert became a citizen till his death.

Elsa Einstein’s Death

Sadly the once happy family of Elsa Einstein gradually lost their joy when Elsa’s daughter IIse died in 1934 from cancer-related complications. This dealt a devasting blow to them but while they were still grieving their loss, Elsa Einstein herself fell ill and was diagnosed with heart and kidney ailments which eventually saw her painfully bite the dust on December 20, 1938, in Princeton, New Jersey. Her death at the age of 62 left Albert heartbroken and withdrawn to his books and studies until his own demise sometime on April 18, 1955, at the age of 76.


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