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In this age of internet celebrity, fame is as instant as the double click of a picture on Instagram or the click of a button on Twitter, popularity is for the grabbing. Elsie Hewitt is one of the hundreds who has cashed out in this age of instant celebrity; she was once described to a courtroom as ‘a rising model with a massive social media presence’ her over four hundred thousand follower count on Instagram is proof of this massive presence.

For Elsie Hewitt who started off modeling in her teenage years, it does not matter which came first internet fame or fame from modeling, she is a big deal in social media circles and this is has influenced her overall fame. Her lifestyle as a socialite started off with a career in modeling which has now increased to include roles in movies. Keep reading to find out more about this internet star who doubles as an actress/model.

Elsie Hewitt’s Wiki (Bio, Age)

Elsie Hewitt was born Elsie Rose Hewitt on the 5th of March in 1996. She was born in London, United Kingdom, in 2006 at the age of 10 Hewitt moved to Los Angeles where she currently lives. There is no information about what high school she attended or any form of formal education.

Hewitt’s modeling career started in her teens at the age of 15, working without being signed to any agencies; completely independent. Her big break then came in 2017 at the age of 21 when she modeled for the Playboy magazine and was the Playboy mate for the month of June that year. After that, she began work with brands, really big brands such as Guess, and is currently represented by the modeling agency Wilhelmina. Elsie has also worked with LA Models in the past.

Her career in acting debuted in 2013 in an obscure short film; Underwater, the following year she had the opportunity to act alongside Bella Thorne and Ryan Ochoa in the horror comedy movie; Mostly Ghostly: Have You Met My Ghoulfriend? Hewitt has a starring role in the web series Turnt, the show premiered on the 1st of August in 2018 on the Facebook Video-on-demand service; Facebook Watch, she plays the character of Victoria. These are not her only appearances in videos; the model is friends with a few YouTube stars and has appeared in more than one of their videos.

Siblings and Family Life

Elsie Hewitt has turned out pretty well, but there really is no information about her parents to access as she is very discreet about their identities; she is however known to have a younger sister who once donated her hair for a worthy cause. Looks like her parents, whoever they are, created a pretty decent family life for their children, who are doing just great.

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Boyfriend – Is Elsie Hewitt Dating Anyone?

The only relationship Hewitt has had that was brought to the public’s notice was her relationship with American actor Mathew Ryan Phillippe popular known as Ryan Phillippe, he has had roles in movies and TV shows some of which are; Chicago Hope (1996), Cruel Intentions (1999), MacGruber (2010), Men at Work (2014), Return to Sender (2015), among many other movies and television shows. Phillippe is the ex-husband of Resse Witherspoon, the couple’s marriage was for 8 years but they split in 2007.

Elsie Hewitt
Elsie Hewitt and Ryan Phillipe (image source)

Elsie Hewitt started to date Phillippe in April 2016 and the couple went their separate ways in July of 2017. A lawsuit, however, hangs over their relationship; Hewitt alleged that during a fight with Phillippe which occurred on the 4th of July 2017 and prompted their breakup, Ryan Phillippe punched and kicked her then topped it off with a kick down the stairs. Reports from the court state that the couple attended a party together on the day before the assault, where Hewitt did not give Ryan adequate attention and he left in a fit. The next day being 4th was when Hewitt went to his house to get her things and that was when the assault took place. With this allegation of assault, Hewitt decided to also expose the actor’s excessive drug use and alcohol abuse.

A close friend of Phillippe’s has come up to say that Hewitt is lying and she was actually the one who came to Phillippe house, completely drunk, refused to leave after causing a scene and the proceeded to attack him. Elsie Hewitt has meanwhile requested for the sum of a million dollars in damages.

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