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Having parents who gave her the biggest motivation to pursue her career, Emily Ratajkowski at age 4 was already posing in front of cameras and mastered it so well even at a young age. She has since then not only walked through the road of fame for her modeling career but also for her acts on screen and her very different perception of womanhood.

Often times, she is regarded as a staunch feminist and is also seen as one of the sex symbols in this generation. She flaunts her beautiful body at will and from the obvious fact, she is proud of her body assets. Emily blew her trumpet after she appeared in the song, Blurred Lines by Thicke Robin. Ever since then, her career has risen to a tremendous height. Detailed below are all the juicy facts you need to know about her.

Emily Ratajkowski Bio (Ethnicity)

Born as an only child to an English lecturer; Balgley and a painter and art teacher; John David. Emily was named Emily O’Hara Ratajkowski as she came to be on June 7, 1991. Both of her parents are lovers of art, in fact, her mom graduated with a Ph.D. from UCSD while her dad spent his early years teaching American Literature in Poland after he had taught English at the University of California Los Angeles.

She is often mistaken to be white, however, Emily Ratajkowski is of a mixed ethnicity: Polish, Irish, Jewish, and German. Moreso, she rather prefers describing her heritage to be of a Polish Isreali descent. For her nationality, if we consider where she was born (Westminster, London), we would refer her to as a Britain citizen, however, having lived in the States for a long period of time, she is also considered to as an American.

Emily Ratajkowski got the traits of being a feminist from her mother, she often describes her as a feminist and an intellectual person. Her family resided in West Kensington and Bloomsbury before they settled in San Diego California. Prior to her family relocating, she had already started showing interest in arts and theatre. She often staged shows and invited her family to be her audience just at the tender age of 5. At the age of 13, she got her first role in an interactive Lyceum Theatre production of Harriet Potter and the Throne of Applewort. For her taste for nudityEmily got her inspirations in posing as a nude model from her various visit to nude beaches in Europe and her father’s nude artwork of Helmut Newton and Herbits Ritts. She was also inspired by third wave feminism and other works such as The Beauty Myth and Promiscuities by Naomi Wolf.

The model later recruited an acting coach who helped her register with Ford Models. The very same day she signed with the organization, she was given an opportunity to do a teen print catalog modeling for Kohl and Nordstrom. It was at that same period she started auditioning for her role in Disney and iCarly. Emily Ratajkowski was often asked to play the role of a bitchy fierce young lady. With all these on her plate, she managed her career perfectly alongside her education, as at that time, she was schooling at San Diego Academy High School. She later enrolled at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) but opted out after spending a year to pursue her modeling career. That was it, that decision turned her career around, she began working for different organizations and was also the face of many brands.

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Even after Emily Ratajkowski had attained this height in her career, she wasn’t really famous. She hit her big break after she did a nude model shot for a magazine cover. it was with that picture that attracted the singer Robin Thicke who later gave her role to play in his music video; Blurred Lines (2013). That video had so many music criticisms because of its contents and high nudity display. Nevertheless, it skyrocketed Emily’s fame and pushed her to limelight globally. Today she has not only moved from being a model, actress and feminist but has also shared the stage as a host with the likes of Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid and the rest of them.

Is She Married or Dating? (Husband or Boyfriend)

Emily Ratajkowski
Emily Ratajkowski, and Sebastian Bear-McClard

Emily Ratajkowski has had a few boyfriends in the past. She was said to have dated Andrew Dryden, their relationship was the envy of many, however, it all came crashing in February 2014. She later entered a relationship with Jeff Magid but like her former relationship, it did hit the rocks and they called it off sometime in 2016.

Currently, she is married to Sebastian Bear-McClard. The two dated for a few months before deciding to take their vows. Their union is yet to be blessed with children.