Emir Of Dubai Sends Over $300,000 Worth Of Relief Aid To Haiti

As Haiti goes through the devastating aftermath of Hurricane Matthew, the Emir of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum has sent £300,000 worth of relief aid to Haiti.

The supplies were sent in his private jet to the north American country.

The storm has left 300,000 displaced from their homes, with about 1000 people dead. The internally displaced Haitians have been forced to live in temporary shelters.

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Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein the junior wife of the Sheikh personally oversaw to the distribution of the relief supplies, according to the state media.

Some of the supplies included tents, mosquito nets, medical supplies and water purification units.

The UN has stressed the urgency for donations of relief aid to Haiti, stating that 1.4 million people in Haiti are in need of them. The UN also appealed for a $120 million in funds.

Emir Of Dubai Sends Over $300,000 Worth Of Relief Aid To Haiti
Sheikh Mohammed and Princess Haya

Princess Haya said in an Instagram post:

“One image will forever be in mind when I think of Haiti. I have seen in 2010, the devastation caused, and it was only because I was on an IHC envoy.

“The same cargo plane I came in today. Again today lives have been erased. It is all about what the country needs, but to a certain extent, it is also about what is given.” 

This is Haiti’s worst disaster since the 2010 earthquake which led to the loss of hundreds of thousands of lives.

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Outgoing secretary-general of the UN, Ban Ki-Moon, visited the north American country this past weekend.

“It is one thing to read about the damage caused by the hurricane. It is another thing to see it for oneself,” he said urging the world to move in to help and stand in solidarity with the Haitian people.

He also added:

“Today, in Les Cayes, I saw the utter devastation. I have heard from many victims. I have felt their pain. I understand their frustrations, even anger.”