Who Is Emma DiGiovine, Jesse Watters’ Wife?

Emma DiGiovine is the wife of Jesse Watters, an American conservative political commentator on Fox News. She is a social media personality and former Fox News Channel producer and journalist. Emma was born on the 14th of March 1992 and got married to Jesse in 2019 following his divorce from his first wife.

Emma DiGiovine was launched into the limelight when she got entangled in a scandalous affair with Jesse Watters, a Fox News political commentator who is popular as the co-host of The Five, and anchor of Watters’ World show. The news of their entanglement broke out in 2017 and though it wrecked Jesse’s marriage with his former wife, it marked the beginning of a beautiful relationship with DiGiovine.

However, before this incident, Emma who can be best described as a media personality was working hard to establish her career and explore other areas along the way. She was basically working behind the cameras in most of her work at Fox.

Summary of Emma DiGiovine’s Biography

  • Full name: Emma DiGiovine
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: 14 March 1992
  • Place of birth: Cranford, New Jersey, USA
  • Current residence: Cranford, New Jersey, USA
  • Emma DiGiovine’s Age: 32 Years Old
  • Ethnicity: American
  • Nationality: White
  • Zodiac Sign: Pisces
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Emma DiGiovine’s Husband: Jesse Watters
  • Emma DiGiovine’s Children: 2
  • Education: Saint Elizabeth, Fairfield University
  • Profession: Social media personality, former TV producer, journalist
  • Emma DiGiovine’s Height in Inches: 5’6″
  • Emma DiGiovine’s Height in Centimetres: 170
  • Emma DiGiovine’s Weight: 53 kg
  • Body measurements in inches: 34-26-36
  • Body measurements in centimetres: 86-66-91
  • Emma DiGiovine’s Net worth: $500,000
  • Famous for: Being the second wife of Jesse Watters
  • Emma DiGiovine’s Instagram: emmawatters__

Who Is Emma DiGiovine, Jesse Watters’ Wife

A New Jersey native, Emma DiGiovine from was born in 1992. Though not much about her early life is know, speculations are that she was raised in a middle-come family in her hometown of Cranford.

It is a known fact that DiGiovine was a very active child as she played different sports which include field hockey, softball, and soccer. More so, she had a penchant for dancing especially ballet which prompted her to enroll in dancing classes while studying at the Academy of Saint Elizabeth Convent Station.

Upon the completion of her high school education, the youngster proceeded to study journalism at Fairfield University. Emma eventually graduated from the institute with a bachelor’s degree in arts and this launched her into the next phase of her life.

Emma DiGiovine Became Jesse Watters Wife In December 2019

Prior to the 2017 scandal, there was little or nothing known about Emma DiGiovine’s love life. Moreover, after she and Jesse went public with their affair, nothing has been heard about the lovers. Both parties preferred to keep details of their romance under the radar and their relationship continued as Jesse finalized his divorce. The divorce was concluded in March 2019, and it freed Jesse to pursue something serious with Emma.

A couple of months later, Jesse broke the news on Twitter on August 25th that he was engaged to Emma. By December that year, the Fox political commentator once again made it known via a tweet that they had exchanged marital vows.

The pair are yet to welcome any child of their own but from how they flaunt their love on social media, they seem to be waxing strong as a couple. They occasionally share pictures of their time together at exotic places which have earned them a lot of admiration from their followers on their social media pages.

Emma DiGiovine Is Gradually Establishing Thriving Careers In Both Journalism & Modeling

Emma DiGiovine’s earliest job record was while she was still in college when she interned at Showtime channel. As an undergraduate, the budding journalist also rendered her services to her school’s newspaper, The Mirror, as well as the student association. Emma later worked as an assistant editor at Wainscot Media.

Next, the journalist decided to try her hands-on modeling and was signed by the MSA Models agency. During this time, Emma recorded relative success as she worked with some top fashion brands. Thereafter, DiGiovine switched back to her journalism career, joining Fox News in 2015 while also earning a few extra bucks as a writer on the blog Elite Daily.

At Fox News, Emma DiGiovine first worked as a production assistant for the Stossel talk show and doubled as John Stossel’s personal assistant. About a year later, she was re-designated to work as an associate producer for the Watters’ World Show and DiGiovine achieved impressive feats while working on the program. Notably, she covered Donald Trump‘s inauguration, and field produced Super Bowl, among other contributions.

However, in late 2017, news emerged that Emma was mixing business with pleasure following a scandalous affair between the journalist and her colleague Jesse Watters. Consequently, the network’s management appointed DiGiovine to work as a producer for The Ingraham Angle program.

Journalism Has Brought Her Considerable Wealth

Emma DiGiovine has been working hard to carve a niche for herself in the industry. Though her exact salary has not been disclosed, her efforts so far are presumed to be financially rewarding. She even has her own website, www.emma-watters.com where she shares workout videos, sells sportswear as well as offer beauty tips and other news about her life.

As of 2020, the multifaceted lady’s net worth is currently estimated to be $500,000, a figure that is expected to rise in the near future as she struggles to get to the peak of all her endeavors. It is also believed that the gorgeous lady who is the wife of the Fox news anchor, Jesse Watters shares his estimated $6 million net worth.

The Scandalous Affair With Jesse Watters Launched Her Into The Limelight

Emma DioGiovine made headlines in late 2017 in an unusual way which many considered controversial. After speculations that she was dating Jesse Watters, who was as at then her colleague, the duo decided to come clean with their affair. While Emma was presumed single at the time, her boyfriend was still legally married to his wife Noelle, and it was gathered that Emma and Jesse’s admittance stemmed from the fact that Watters’ wife had gotten wind of the affair and filed for a divorce.

Thus, the journalists voluntarily reported themselves to the network’s Human Resource Chief, stating that their romance was consensual. Thereafter, top management met with the lovebirds, and DiGiovine was immediately moved to work on another program – The Ingraham Angle. She continues to serve the network in that position.

Subsequently, Jesse Watters divorced his wife Noelle and it was glaring that the grounds for the annulment of their union was the affair. Interestingly, the former couple also met while Noelle was a staff at Fox News Channel; she is best recognized as the host of iMag, a defunct fashion and style program that aired on Fox News in 2011. Jesse and Noelle dated for a while before tying the knot in 2009. Two years later, they expanded their family, welcoming twin daughters Ellie and Sophie. Their family seemed like a tightly knitted one until the 2017 scandal with Emma DiGiovine which changed everyone’s perception.

FAQs About Emma DiGiovine, Jesse Watters Wife

Who Was Emma DiGiovine’s First Husband?

Emma DiGiovine’s first husband is her current husband, Jesse Watters. They started dating while Jesse was still legally married to his wife, Noelle. Following the official end of their marriage in March 2019, Jesse announced his engagement to Emma via Twitter in August. By December that year, the Fox political commentator once again made it known via a tweet that they had exchanged marital vows.

How Was Emma DiGiovine’s Engagement Ring?

Although details of their engagement are sketchy, it known that Jesse proposed to Emma DiGiovine in August 2019 with a beautiful diamond ring.

What Is Emma DiGiovine’s Net worth?

Emma has an estimated net worth of $500,000.


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