Who is Emma Glover? Here Are 5 Things To Know About The Model

British Lingerie model Emma Glover is what many call an “Instagram influencer”. She has worked with high-value agencies and personalities like Amanda Cerny and has appeared on top-notch modelling magazines in the modelling industry. Like her fellow models, she flaunts her ‘flawless’ body on Instagram, to the admiration of millions of her fans. But how much do you know about the sporty model? Just before we go into the juicy facts, let’s try our hands on her bio. Shall we?

Who is Emma Glover?

Emma Glover was born on 6th June 1987 in Essex, England where she and her younger sister, Vicky were raised. After graduating from college, Emma secured an office job in a London-based company, but she never lost her flair for professional modelling; an area she’s always dreamed of working in. While at work, Confident about her sleek figure and looks, Emma would occasionally send out her pictures to various modelling agencies, hoping to land a deal with one of them.

Things went uphill for Emma when some of her photos were received by a London agency and in 24 hours, she was contacted for an arranged photo shoot for Nuts magazine. And the rest, they say, is history. Her appearance on Nuts magazine was her first shot at modelling, but it would be the beginning of many things to follow.

Nuts Magazine threw Emma in the face of other modelling agencies who couldn’t help but take note of her and began sending out invitations to her for modelling jobs. Emma was in the euphoria of her new found fame and glamour so that in the months that followed, she would go on to meet new people, celebrities and travel to many new places she’s only wished to be.

So far, Emma has modelled for top brands like Harley Davidson, Playboy, Lynx, Channel 4, Pabo Lingerie and Simon Copeland Clothing. She has also been featured on widely-read magazines like The Daily Star, Zoo, Talk Sports, Loaded, The Sun and Monkey Magazine and has worked for companies like Ann Summers and o2.

All these hardly covers the life of Emma Glover…so, lets now go to the facts. Ready?

5 Things To Know About Emma Glover

Net Worth, Salary and Charity Work

Although Emma’s job as a model churns in proceeds by the hundreds of thousands, it is not exactly clear what she makes. Sources, however, reveal that Emma’s net worth stands at around $1 million as of early 2019. But Emma Glover is not just rich, she has a big heart as well. She continues to support many charity groups and is even active on some charity organizations. The Help for Heroes charity group and Life for a kid charity group are all beneficiaries of her funding.

Emma Glover.
Emma Glover poses with her younger son.

She Is a Mother of Two

Yep! You heard it. Although Emma Glover is still single as of late 2018, she is a mother of two adorable boys. There are scanty details revealing the identity of any man in her life.

Social Media

Although it’s understandable for models to be tech-savvy, Emma’s savviness, however, seems to be on the high side. She seemed to have won the heart of thousands as her Instagram and Twitter accounts have over 590,000 and 200,000 followers respectively. She has confessed to being an unrepentant “Tweet addict” who enjoys tweeting first thing in the morning and the last thing before going to bed.

She Owns and Runs Her Own Website

The Essex-born model has her self-named website, www.emmaglover.co.uk where she shares details about her job as a model and other aspects of her life that fans and clients would be interested in.

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Height, Weight, Body Stats

Emma’s body and brains are her primary assets in the world of modelling, and she’s not apologetic about flaunting it. She has revealed that she rocks a 34DD bra size and that she has breast implants. She has once said that her boobs are her favorite part of her body. To keep her at the top of her game, Emma invests much of her time in fitness routines to maintain an ideal body frame. She stands 5 feet 7 inches (i.e., 1.7 meters) tall and weighs 118 lbs (54kg).

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