Are Emma Roberts And Julia Roberts Related And Who Are Their Parents?

There are many cases of family members working in the same field or just two people bearing the same last name in a particular field, the entertainment industry is rife with such cases. One of such is the case with the actresses, Emma Roberts and Julia Roberts.

Pretty Woman is one of the greatest films from the 90s and playing the film’s female lead role is the beautiful and brilliant Julia Roberts. This film opened a cascade of doors for the actress who has gone on to become one of the most influential actresses of her time with box office sales from her movies exceeding $2 billion.

Julia Roberts had her debut as a professional actress in 1987, three years before the release of Pretty Woman, but in 2001, fourteen years after, another young woman with the same surname made her own debut in Hollywood, this woman is Emma Roberts who is mostly known for the work she did in the movies Nancy Drew and The Art of Getting By. On television, she starred in Unfabulous and American Horror Story.

There is a reason these two actresses share the same surname; keep reading to learn more about the relationship that exists between these two.

Who Are The Parents of Emma Roberts and Julia Roberts?

Emma Rose Roberts was born on the 10th of February 1990 while the older actress Julia Roberts was born on the 28th of October, 1967.

Emma is the child of Eric Roberts and Kelly Cunningham; she was born in Rhinebeck, New York. This actress hails from a blended family of sorts; this is because of the multiple marriages that have existed between her parents and other people which have resulted in her having siblings from these different marriages. When the actress was still a baby, her parents split up and got married to other people. From these other marriages, she is related to Kelly Nickels, David Rayfiel, Lila Garret, Grace Nickels, and Keaton Simmons.

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On the other hand, Julian Fiona Roberts is the daughter of Betty Lou Bredemus and Walter Grady Roberts; she was born in the city of Smyrna in Georgia. Unlike the younger Roberts whose parents never got married and separated in the early 90s, Julia’s parents had their divorce in 1971 and were actually a married couple, this rules out the possibility of them having the same parents.

Emma Roberts and Julia Roberts
(L-R) Shirley Maclaine, Julia, and Emma Roberts – image source

Are Emma Roberts and Julia Roberts Related?

These actresses are definitely related but not as siblings. Julia Roberts is not the only child that her parents had, but she was the last of their three children. The first two children were, Eric and Lisa. When her parents got divorced, her mother got remarried and from that second marriage, Nancy Motes, her half-sister was born. Of all her siblings, Eric is the link that Julia has to Emma, as Emma Roberts is the daughter of Eric which makes Emma Roberts the niece of Julia Roberts.

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The Roberts family is riddled with people who have made a name for themselves by acting, starting from Betty Lou Bredemus who is the matriarch of the Hollywood Roberts family. Bredemus had a long career in acting that was mostly spent with her teaching acting classes, her husband was also an actor but she was the more famous one of the duo. Betty and her husband, Walter Grady Roberts, met while they gave performances at training centers for the armed forces. Their kids followed in the footsteps; Eric started to act when he was in his early twenties and the same can be said for Julia Roberts.

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Emma Roberts, who can be considered as lucky to have such proximity to people who are major stakeholders in the film industry, had a much earlier start in her career, a decision that her mother was against. As a child, she would visit her father while he was on set and when the relationship between her father and his sister was fixed (as they had been estranged for years), Emma had more access to her aunt who she also visited on the set of films. The time she spent there was a catalyst in her decision to become an actress, and in the course of her career, she has been featured in three films alongside her aunt.

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