Emmahdorable – Biography, Childhood and Family Details

Emmahdorable is an internet personality who became a public figure as a result of the games she plays and streams live on Twitch. She is known for playing games like League of legends and OverWatch. Also, her sexual escapade on Snapchat with another Twitch star known as LeafyIsHere thrust her further into the limelight.

Like Jessica Goch, Ninja, Muselk, Shroud, and Ice Poseidon who all have Twitch to thank for their fame and fortune, Emmahdorable has made a name for herself while accumulating a tangible wealth from streaming her games.

Emmahdorable’s Bio

The Twitch star was born on December 21, 1995. Her place of birth was in Syracuse, New York, the United States of America. She was raised in Syracuse before relocating to California alongside her family.

Emmahdorable had from a tender age yearned to be a professional gamer and social media model. Thus, it was not a surprise when she started blogging on Tumblr. She would later start uploading videos of her games on the internet; this was after she took up residence in California. Emmahdorable soon racked up sizable followers on the platform (Tumblr) but the want of a larger forum where she could fully express her skill made her move to Twitch where she eventually attained wide popularity.

With constant videos uploaded on Twitch, her fanbase began to grow. Not only did she post videos on Twitch, but she also did live game streams. As time went by, her fame grew and she ultimately became someone who’s well known on the platform and beyond for games like Overwatch, CS: GO, and League of Legends. 

Childhood and Family

The internet star is not very generous when it comes to details of her family, childhood, as well as educational attainments. Just as almost nothing is known about the kind of upbringing she had, hardly could anyone tell a thing about her family.

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One known fact, however, is that she was born to American parents and has always wanted to be a professional gamer. To make a thing out of the keen interest she developed in the craft right from her early days, she worked tirelessly and has been able to make a reality out of her dreams.

Facts You Need To Know About Emmahdorable

Her Net Worth

Although Emmahdorable is still a rising star, the video streamer has made a name for herself in her short but purposeful career. Her net worth is yet unknown, but looking at her number of subscribers on the online gaming platform, her net worth should be in thousands of dollars or more.

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Why Twitch Banned Her In 2016

Emmahdorable’s Twitch account was banned in the year 2016. A look into the reason behind the ban points to the fact that she used the said account to promote nudity which was found unethical. As the story goes, she promised to send her nude pictures to a user if he gets her a certain number of subscribers. The user did but the nudes were not forthcoming so he called her out. In order to hold the end of the bargain, Emmahdorable posted the nude photos which led to the suspension following many complaints launched by many users of the platform. However, by 2017, the ban was lifted and she resumed her activities again.


In a YouTube show known as DramaAlert, a show that features social interaction news among the YouTube community users, Emmahdorable and Amy Lynn (Whitney Wisconsin) had a face-off that saw them insult each other a great deal while declaring their love for LeafyisHere – another internet personality.

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There was a time she lost a good number of her followers as it was believed that she tells a lot of lies just to raise her status. Also, the social media star has been involved in a porn controversy; but she claimed that her ex-boyfriend was the one behind the sex video leak. According to her, the fella leaked the video after he failed in an attempt to blackmail her. Again, her claims did not go down well with some of those who had been keeping up with her; they made reference to cases where she sent out her nudes.

Does She Have A Husband or Boyfriend?

No man has been linked to her in recent time either as a boyfriend or a fiancé. She seems to be more focused on her career and has stayed away from any form of scandal in the recent past.

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