Nigerian Immigrant Killed In Italy Over Racially Charged Insults

The Italian Police has arrested a local farmer in connection with the murder of a Nigerian immigrant identified as Emmanuel Chidi Nnamdi.

Report says that the local farmer, 35-year old Amedeo Mancini hurled out racially induced insults on Emmanuel and his partner Chinyere.

Mancini called Chinyere an “African Monkey”. This got Emmanuel angry and he confronted the verbal attacker. It got into a fist fight and Emmanuel fell to the ground.

The Italian attacker got help from another man to beat the Nigerian. Mancini pulled an electric pole from the ground and hit him on the head till he became unconscious. 36-year Emmanuel remained unconscious till his death in the hospital. Chinyere was also injured but being hospitalized.

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It is worthy to mention that the couple fled their home country because of the Boko Haram insurgency. They had lost their parents in a church explosion. In seeking a new phase in life, the couple took their chances, crossing over to Italy from the Mediterranean. During the excruciating sea experience, the couple lost their baby.

On arriving Italy, they applied for asylum and was hopefully awaiting a positive result. They were lodged in a Catholic charity shelter, Caritas in Fermo.

Emmanuel Chidi Nnamdi and Chinyere were wedded by a priest, Father Vinicio Albanesi but the union is unrecognized under the Italian law as they lost all their documents. This has made it difficult for Chinyere to donate Emmanuel’s organs.

Fr. Vinicio says the attack that killed the Nigerian immigrant, Emmanuel Chidi Nnamdi might be connected to the discovery of 4 bombs which were planted in Fermo churches. This means that these local charities and churches dedicated to the welfare of refugees, destitute and addicts are under terror threats.

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Italian Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi has condemned the racially induced murder of Emmanuel Chidi Nnamdi.

“The government today is in Fermo with Don Vinicio and the local institutions in memory of Emmanuel. Against hate, racism and violence.”

Interior Minister Angelino Alfano also registered his distaste over the gruesome murder. He also announced that the recuperating Partner of the deceased, 24-year Chinyere has been granted refugee status.

Emmanuel’s death has raised a lot of condemnation over the social media.