No Stopping Emmanuella! Nigerian Kid Comedienne Goes International

6-year old Comedienne Emmanuella and lead character of the Nigerian Mark Angel comedy is sure going places.

The child star has been featured on CNN for being Africa’s youngest most popular comedienne on the internet.

The success of the comedy skits thanks to her raw talent and brilliant uncle Mark Angel, has taken her popularity beyond the Nigerian entertainment.

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Step by step the star is being recognized internationally. Few weeks ago, comedienne Emmanuella was awarded the princess of comedy in Australia.


This year alone she has toured several countries, performed for dignitaries and shared the stage with top entertainment personalities in Africa. Emmanuella has also featured in her first international movie, a feat most upcoming performers still dream of.


In November, the Mark Angel duo were named the winners at the inaugural Sub-Saharan African (SSA) YouTube Awards. One of the comedy videos on Youtube has hit a stunning 2.5 million views.

According to Teju Ajani of YouTube Partnerships, SSA, YouTube was about people having opportunities to express themselves.

“Creators across Africa are using YouTube to find their voice, connect with audiences around the world and build channels while earning revenue from it.”

“The number of hours of video content being uploaded in Africa has doubled in the past two years and the audience has grown with it.”

“Watch time on mobile phones is growing 120 per cent year over year.”

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Amongst others, he recognized the Mark Angel Comedy.

The duo use their real names for the comic videos, and are related in reality. Mark Angel, as popularly called, is the little star’s uncle.

Having spotted the raw and budding talent in his niece, Mark Angel, the owner of ComedyKits, starred her in the videos. Comedienne Emmanuella made her first appearance in the ‘This is Not My Real Face” Mark Angel comedy video.

Mark Angel Comedy videos emerged the top subscribed creator category for Nigeria.