Emmy Kosgei – A Closer Look At Her Life, Daughter & Husband Anselm Madubuko

Emmy Kosgei is among Kenya’s most renowned female gospel artists. While she continues to hit headlines all over, most of her life has been rather a mystery to the public. She is one of those superstars who choose to remain silent about her life and let people keep guessing. Well, while that could be the case, below are things you’d love to know about her.

Emmy Kosgei Biography

Emmy Kosgei was born on July 22, 1980. She hails from the former Rift Valley province, in Kelewa village in Mogotio, Koibatek District.

Emmy was born into a strong Christian family. Her father, Bishop Jackson Kosgei is a highly acclaimed cleric. Her mum is equally a strong believer of Christian values and the two must have helped steer her where she is right now. Emmy has always attributed her triumphs in life to the only pillar of her life: God.

It is said that her journey in music started at a very tender age in her local church. By the time she was in high school, Emmy was recording collaborations with other artists. Emmy Kosgei also recorded songs with Maximum gospel singers, which further helped to sharpen her career in music.


What To Know About Her Wedding, Husband, and Daughter

Emmy Kosgei is married to a Nigerian Gospel Minister, Apostle Anselm Madubuko. The wedding took place on August 29, 2013, in Emmy’s hometown in Kenya.

Emmy’s marriage to Anselm was the talk of the town for a long time. While many people were expressing their thoughts about the marriage, very few of them knew how the lovebirds met. Her music is celebrated world over and she had been invited abroad as a music minister. It so happened that Anselm had also been invited to preach at the same event. Well, the rest of the story is obvious.


Emmy’s marriage to Anselm must be one of the most controversial ones. People have found all sorts of things to comment on them. This is especially with the fact that Anselm who was already in his seventies, is much older than Emmy and has been married before with two children – Velma and Sandra. By their marriage, they officially became Emmy’s stepdaughters.

However, to the amazement of the naysayers, Emmy welcomed her own baby in March 2015. Emmy Kosgei’s daughter will soon clock 3.

Emmy Kosgei Facts

Emmy Kosgei started recording her initial album, “Katau Banda” in 2005. However, “Taunet” was her most successful album, with the song “Taunet Nelel” getting international recognition. She is currently, one of the most successful gospel artists in Africa.

No one can dispute the fact that Emmy Kosgei has had a very successful musical career. Much as she started it early, Emmy confesses that she got much of her inspiration from the late Miriam Makeba. The highly accomplished lady singer had a rich taste in music and her songs will live with us forever.

Evidently, Emmy took the same path. One does not need to be reminded of how unique and rich her songs are. Her richly African songs are an inspiration to her fans. Keke, Esther Wahome and Rebecca Malope are also some of the other artists who inspired her, besides her parents.

If anyone doubts Emmy’s success in music, then they should ask themselves how she got the Head of State Commendation (HSC) award. Her flamboyant career in music earned her that award during the promulgation of the new constitution in Kenya. Emmy Kosgei also got to perform before high-profile guests and other fans at that occasion.

Emmy Kosgei is among the very few African musicians who won the Best International Gospel Act award. The awards were at the UK Black Entertainment Film Fashion Television and Arts awards in 2013.

In addition to music, Emmy has her interests in other areas of life. For instance, a good number of people are amazed by her touch and class in life. While many artists go to designers to help them look fashionable, that is not the case with her. Emmy runs the Emmy K House of Fashion and Label where she even makes most of her classic designs. You might want to stop by at her fashion house to see what she does.

While many artists choose to invest their money in buying flashy cars and latest fashion, Emmy Kosgei has proven to be a true patriot in her country. She operates a school known as Hope Academy, which has 40 students. Out of the entire student population, she is personally financing the education of 37 students. Many people do not know her philanthropic side. Emmy Kosgei chooses to walk the talk.

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