Daughter’s Emotional Facebook Message Saves Egyptian Football Coach From Jail Time

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One girl shared a personal emotional Facebook message that has saved her dad.

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Hossam Hassan is Egypt’s all-time leading scorer, he played for Egypt at the 1990 World Cup and scored 69 goals in 169 games for his country.

He, however, got himself in a spot of trouble recently and has only been able to escape thanks to his daughter’s emotional Facebook message.

The alleged incident happened as players and officials from Al Masry and Ghazl Al Mahalla clashed after the sides drew 2-2 in a league match on Friday.

Emotional Facebook Message

Hassan was meant to appear in court after being charged with assaulting a police photographer after a match.

The photographer who reported him apparently read the social media post and dropped his case against the former striker, who now serves as the coach of Egyptian side Al-Masry. Reda Abdelmaged, the photographer in question, told reporters;

“Her words made me sad,”

“I saw what Hossam’s kid wrote on her Facebook when she said she was sad because she might see her dad in prison,” he added.

“I decided to end the case as I love the city of Port Said [where Al Masry is based] and let me tell you that I love Hossam Hassan and his twin Ibrahim as they made the Egyptians happy.”

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Though the case has been dropped by the photographer, Hassan will stay in custody as the charges must be officially dropped in court. There have also been other repercussions for his actions as the Egyptian Football Association has suspended him for the next three matches and fined him about US$1,100 (£825).

Emotional Facebook Message

Al Masry will play Ismaili on Friday in the Egypt Cup with Hassan’s twin brother Ibrahim, who is team director, in charge alongside assistant coach Tarek Soliman.