Equatorial Guinea Confirms Hosting Jammeh As Gambians Return

On Tuesday, the Equatorial Guinea confirmed that exiled leader of Gambia, Yahya Jammeh, is currently in their country.

This was confirmed in a statement by Information Minister Eugenio Nse Obiang, sent out to journalists.

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The Gambia recently emerged from what could have led to a full blown crisis. This came as a result of long-time leader Yahya Jammeh’s refusal to concede defeat to Adama Barrow.

Due to diplomatic pressures, especially from the regional bloc, Economic Community of West African States, the strongman eventually caved in. It was reported that he was granted immunity and will not be prosecuted for crimes committed. He has since left the country for Equatorial Guinea.

This has angered many Gambians and in fact, quite a number of Africans who watched Jammeh go from accepting the result to questioning it when then President-elect threatened to have him undergo trial for the crimes against humanity he perpetrated while being President of the Gambia.

President Adama Barrow was inaugurated in neighboring Senegal, and is yet to return and officially begin his duties as President. He is expected to return to his country in the following days.

Gambians Return

President Barrow was not the only Gambian who felt the need to leave, in order to escape the crisis. About  76,000 people had to flee the country. The UN High Commissioner for Refugees said 45,000 people had fled into Senegal while at least 800 went to nearby Guinea-Bissau.

The UN refugee agency, UNHCR now reports that about 8,000 have returned home following the exile of Yahya Jammeh.

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The agency said “more than an estimated 8 000 people, as of Monday, have returned to their native Gambia since the political crisis there ended.”

The agency further added that “authorities in The Gambia are sending buses to border points to help the displaced return home,” UNHCR said.