Where Is Eric Bolling Today? Who Is His Son & What Is His Net Worth?

Eric Bolling who was once a notable figure on Fox News, is an American TV personality, an author, and versatile Journalist. As a political and financial analyst/commentator, he anchored discussions bothering on finance for Fox Business Channel. Here is everything there is to know about his career, family, and allegations that led to his exit from FOX.

Eric Bolling’s Biography

Eric Thomas Bolling was born on the 2nd of March 1963 in Illinois, Chicago in the United States with mixed ethnicity of Italian and Swedish. He had his early education at Queen of all Saints Basilica and after which he enrolled at Loyola Academy for his high school where he was noted for being a good baseball player. After high school, Eric proceeded to Rollins College located in Winter Park, Florida for his tertiary education and subsequently bagged a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics.

Bolling started out as a professional baseball player as he got drafted by the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1984. However, for a shoulder injury he sustained at the cradle of his sports career, his baseball dreams came to an end no sooner than it materialized.

Following his recovery from the injury, he sought another line of career, one that was more suited into what he trained for in college. Thus, he went into trading as he secured a job with the New York Mercantile Exchange which is now known as CME Group Incorporation as a commodity trader. Eric dealt in the sale of gold, natural gas, and crude oil for the 5 years he worked there. In the course of his stay with the leading and most diverse American financial market company, Bolling grew to become a strategic adviser to the management what with his outstanding performance and vast knowledge. In the years 2005 and 2006 his name was repeatedly listed on the Traders Monthly Top 100 list, and in January 2007, he was awarded the Maybach man of the year award.

With a job well done and more ambition for greater things, Eric Bolling bade the trade exchange firm goodbye and took up another employment with FOX Business Network where he worked as a financial and Political analyst and talk show host.

In the course of his new career as a political and social commentator, he had taken his swing punches at the white house, particularly at the former president of the United States of America, Barack Obama for his invitation of the former president of Gabon Ondimba Bongo Ali and rapper Common to the white houseHis statement was widely condemned as having racists residue in it, however, after his critiqued, he immediately tendered his apology on Twitter.

Whilst with the Fox Business Channel, he was a co-host of political and cultural discussion panel called The Five, along with Bob Beckel, later, Fox News Specialists was created in 2017, after the exit of Bill O’Reilly which he co-hosted with two other female colleagues; Katherine Timpf and Eboni Williams

This versatile journalist has more-so, made appearances as a guest in other television shows like the Hannity and Fox & Friends at the Fox News Channel.

He is said to be a practicing Catholic and an author who has written 2 books, Wake Up America: The Nine Virtues That Made Our Nation Great- and Why We Need Them More Than Ever (2016) and The Swamp: Washingtons’s Murky pool of Corruption and Cronyism and How Trump Can Drain It all were published in  (2017), the first book was rated a best seller in 2016.

Allegations Against Eric Bolling

Eric Bolling was implicated by a report from HuffPost to have sent obscene messages to some of his female colleagues in the FOX News Channel and that he used inappropriate languages on them.

This accusation led to his suspension by FOX News while an investigation of the case was being carried out. He is, however, not the first person to get grounded on sexual harassment case as his former colleague,  Bill O’Reilly equally suffered the same fate before his eventual dismissal from Fox News Network. Eric Bolling and Fox News Network finally ended their contract in August 2017.

What to know about his Wife, Son and Family

Eric Bolling’s parents Marie Hildegarde (Catino) and John Gustav Bolling were not so well to do. His Swedish father, worked as a traveling salesman while his Italian mother sold female coats as her livelihood in Marshall Fields. He also had a sister called Sandra P Spaulding, who died in August 2011. He lived and grew up with his family in the land and house acquired by his maternal grandfather in the rich Sauganash neighborhood.

Eric Bolling
Eric Snr, Adrienne wife, and Son Eric Chase Jr. (image source)

Bolling is a family oriented man and greatly adores his family above all other things. He is happily married to Adrienne J. Leventhal, who was also a one time Fox News Channel anchor and American celebrity. The duo got married on the 4th of October, 1997 and gave birth to a son – their only child, whom they named Eric Chase in 1998.

Eric Chase grew up as a bright and fun chap and he active baseball in his high school before he fell into depression and purportedly committed suicide. The reports were that the young Eric Chase who was very close to his father bowed to emotional torture from the case instituted against his father by Fox News and this led him to overdose himself.

Although the true cause of his death was not revealed to the public the police termed his death as an “unintended manner”. He died at a young age of 19 years on September 9, 2017.

Where is Eric Bolling Now?

After Eric parted ways with Fox News Channel, he landed himself a juicer job offer; his longtime dream job as an anchor for a new show hosted in Washington Court Hotel’s lobby bar for the Conservative Review (CRTV). The show is said to be a casual and engaging discussion with political office holders and other influential figures in America.

Net Worth

Eric Bolling is no doubt a hard-working man and he sure lives by the book of his financial analysis, no wonder, his annual salary is estimated to be within $10 million and his net worth is pegged within the range of $25 million.

Height and Weight

The Multi-talented Journalist is said to be 6 ft and 1 inch on standing though his weight and other body measurements are not available at this time.


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