Exploring Eric Clapton’s Legacy as a Legendary Guitarist, His Wealth Status and Family Truths

Guitarists and fans of English Rock are no strangers to the talents of Eric Clapton. He is one of the most legendary guitarists and the only person who has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame three times. Once for his solo career and then for his works with two different bands. His esteemed status is enshrined in his guitar playing skills and he has not only built a name for himself but has accrued a large fortune in the process. 

Eric Redefined How Guitarists Played the Instrument 

The first band he joined was The Yardbirds and he was the lead guitarist of the band. But two years after, he decided to leave. The reason for his exit was because the band decided to change its sound from their Blues infused Rock and Roll sound to one that leaned towards pop.

The style of music that he played in those years was distinctive and this quickly earned him a reputation. When he left The Yardbirds, he joined John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers.

Eric Clapton
John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers with Eric Clapton: image source

As he started to record music with this band, Eric would always have issues with the technicians and how they set up the amplifiers for the guitars and would change it most of the time.

The way he set it up redefined how guitarists played their music. A member of Pink Floyd described the emergence of Eric as the introduction of unique techniques to guitar playing when the norm was just simple soulful methods. 

Popular Guitar Makers Have Made Signature Guitars in His Name

As a guitarist, Clapton has mastered the various playing methods that any guitarist can, from strumming to fingerpicking. His first known guitar was a Gibson Les Paul and he has used a range of other guitars over time.

Guitar makers like Fender and C.F. Martin & Company have made signature guitars in his name. Clapton has a reputation for putting on electrifying live performances which are punctuated by the changing of his guitar strings mid-performance.

This earned him the nickname, Slowhand, because of the slow clap the audience would do while he changed strings. As a musician, Clapton has 17 Grammys. Buckingham Palace awarded him a CBE, the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire. The talented guitarist has also been recognized by the Brit Awards for his Outstanding Contribution to Music.

Eric Clapton’s Successful Music Career Accounts for His $250 Million Net Worth

Clapton has sold over 100 million copies. This has not only consolidated his right as one of the best selling musicians of all time but has also made him a very wealthy person with a net worth estimated at $250 million.

Apart from record sales, he makes a lot of money from live performances. For instance, he has performed at the Royal Albert Hall more than 200 times. The standard price for a ticket to this hall is $45 and its capacity is 5,272 people. Given that his shows sell out almost always, the amount involved is a jaw-dropping figure. 

Also, his entertainment endeavors go beyond music as he has had appearances in films and adverts. He played a singing role in the movie, Tommy, and featured in Mercedes Benz G-Wagen advert. Eric serves as a spokesperson for T-Mobile and also wrote the score for the 1991 film, Rush. All of these have made various sources estimate that his wealth is around $250 million.

He Owns Marshbrook Ltd and Several Properties

Clapton is also known to have earned more than £100 million from Marshbrook Ltd, a holding company he owns. Eric Clapton’s real estate ventures have also contributed to his massive net worth. He owns luxurious houses in different countries including England and France. 

He has to his name a villa in Surrey that was modeled after villas in Italy. Va Bene is the name of his yacht which is estimated to be worth £9 million. He was the owner of a 45-acre estate in Antigua. Standfast Point is the name the property goes by, it cost $14 million to build in 2000.

The musician’s vast collection of cars emphasizes his love for automobiles. Clapton owns a fleet of Ferraris including a Ferrari Enzo worth over $3 million.

Meet Erics’ First Wife Pattie Boyd  

image source: Pattie Boyd
  • Date of Birth: March 17, 1944
  • Occupation: Model and Photographer
  • Duration of Marriage: 1979 -1989
  • Number of Children with Clapton: None

In 1979, Clapton got married to the English model and photographer, Pattie Boyd. His relationship with Boyd started when he became friends with her first husband, fellow musician George Harrison. Clapton would then pick up a heroin addiction and exile himself from the public for three years because Boyd, whom he wanted, rebuffed his advances.

In 1974, he returned clean and sober; this time his attempts at winning her worked. Boyd agreed to leave Harrison. While he chased her, Clapton wrote several songs about his love for her, including the hit song Layla.  

Alcoholism and Infidelity Ruined Their Marriage

For the duration of their marriage, Clapton who was an alcoholic cheated on Boyd and abused her repeatedly. This in turn caused Boyd to turn to alcohol. One of the women he cheated with, an Italian actress named Lory Del Santo had a child for him. This worsened the rift between Clapton and Boyd. It was after this that she decided to leave Clapton.

During their marriage, they tried several times to have children but failed even when they tried in vitro fertilization. In 1987, the couple separated and in 1989, exactly a decade to when they got married, their divorce was finalized. 

He Has Been Married to Melia McEnery Since 2002

Eric Clapton
Eric Clapton and his second wife Melia McEnery: image source
  • Date of Birth: February 1, 1976
  • Duration of Marriage: Since 2002
  • Number of Children with Clapton: 3

The next time Clapton got married was in 2002, to Melia McEnery who is 31 years younger than him. The two met in 1998, during a party that was thrown in his honor. McEnery was at the party as an administrative assistant. 

They started to date immediately after meeting but did not go public with their relationship until 1999. They tied the knot in 2002 and have welcomed three children: Julie Rose (2001), Ella May ( 2003), and Sophie Belle (2005), all girls.

Ruth Kelly Clapton Is His Only Surviving Love Child

Eric Clapton and daughter Ruth: image source

Whilst married to Pattie, the guitarist began an affair with Yvonne Kelly. Kelly who was the manager of AIR Studios Montserrat was also married at the time. Regardless of their marital relationships, the two began an affair that produced a child named Ruth Kelly Clapton. They kept the child’s existence away from the public until it became known in 1991.

Ruth is not the only love child of the musician, there was also Conor Clapton. She was born in August 1986 and died in March 1991.

Conor Clapton: image source

Connor was Eric’s child with Italian model Lory Del Santo. She was four when she fell out of a window on the 53rd floor of a building on March 20, 1991.


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