The Untold Truth Of Eric Greitens Relationships And Affair With His Mistress

Extramarital affairs and clandestine intimate relationships have turned out to be the undoing of many who ascend to public offices and such was the case of Eric Greitens – the 56th Chief executive of the state of Missouri who had to resign his political post 17 months into his tenure. The reason for his short-lived term was for the dirty affair he had with his hairstylist who claimed that the ex-governor would often spank, shove, and grab her during their sexual encounters, leaving her afraid and crying. As if that was not enough, Eric went ahead to blackmail the woman into silence by threatening to expose her nude photos. This article will focus on Eric Greitens relationship with his mistress, read on to get the details.

The Untold Truth Of Eric Greitens Affair With His Mistress

The incident was brought to light on January 2018 and though her identity is protected, the victim of the ex-governors’ sexual interest was actually his hairstylist. According to the lady, Eric had an affair with her in 2015, just before he declared his interest in the gubernatorial race of Missouri. It all started during one of their earlier meetings when he coerced her into a sexual act, she disclosed to the special committee set up by the Missouri House that she had an encounter with the ex-chief executive on the 21st of March 2015, when he tied her to pull-up rings in the basement of his house and tore her pants and shirt without getting her consent. Further disclosure from the woman revealed that she was compelled to perform an oral sex session with Eric Greitens so he would allow her to get to work early.

She said that it actually looked like she consented to the act but the truth is that she never wanted to do it. The only reason she obliged was that she felt that it was the only way he would allow her to leave. The unidentified woman also revealed facts about the threats and compromising pictures that ensued from Eric Greitens’s relationship with her.

In March, the House unanimously voted to set up an investigative committee following charges of felony invasion of privacy leveled on Eric Greitens. The accusations include taking semi-nude pictures of the said lady without getting her consent as well as transmitting it onto a computer for easy access.

While the mystery lady admitted that she never saw Eric Greitens with a phone or a camera when they were having those encounters, she admitted to seeing a flash through the window blinds which made it feel like an invasion of her privacy. The House reports acknowledged the fact that the responsible committee is not in possession of any electronic or physical evidence of either a picture or its transmission. A point which has been repeatedly emphasized by the defense attorney of the ex-chief executive.

The unidentified lady also reiterated claims of continued intimidation by Eric Greitens, threatening to let those photos go public if she ever opened up about their secret affair to anyone. His exact statement according to the lady was that if she dared mention his name, he will put up the photos everywhere and people will know what a little whore she is. Eric went further to tell her that he needed the pictures as protection as he was set to run for office, which he did by announcing his intentions six months later.

The unidentified lady also admitted to seeing the ex-governor a few more times, with one of the encounters including consensual oral sex. She said that their encounters were often aggressive as Eric Greitens had no qualms about slapping her when she admitted to having sex with her own spouse.

The reason she continued with that kind of affair was that she needed to feel a bit better about the whole thing, the woman said. She stated that she never wanted him to see her as a whore; she only wanted to believe that he really had a liking for her and wanted a genuine relationship with her.

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The Ex-governor Reacts

Eric Greitens’ relationship with the said woman actually happened as he admitted that he had an affair with the lady, however, the ex-chief executive of Missouri vehemently denied all allegations in the report, thus making a plea of not guilty to the crime.

In fact, Eric Greitens dismissed the whole process as a political witch hunt which was targeted at tarnishing his image. The entire reports are mere falsehoods and lies, the ex-governor said in the fiery public declaration. The charges were dropped and in May 2018 and Greitens resigned as governor of the state of Missouri – which took effect on June 1, 2018.

Eric Greitens went further to say that the public should be able to see through all the falsehood, and they should know better than to put their trust in what he called a one-sided or biased tabloid trash gossip which is the result of a clandestine report.

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