What Is Eric Greitens Doing Now After He resigned His Governorship?

During his short-lived tenor as the governor of Missouri, Eric Greitens was very secretive and private as he worked assiduously to manage his personal narrative by avoiding the media and making appearances in only controlled environments. While that particular approach to governance thawed out under the high heat of a really public scandal, it is not at all surprising that the former Missouri chief executive decided to stay completely off the radar during the months following his exit from office. He has been careful to avoid public appearances, has granted no interviews and no one is privy to his whereabouts.

Why He Resigned as Governor of Missouri

2015 saw the emergence of Eric Greitens on the political scene of Missouri. The political novice cut a tough guy image to succeed in the Republican primary race which happened in August 2016 and the subsequent gubernatorial elections in November 2016. It was like doom waiting in the shadows because the first month of 2018 heralded some unpalatable news about the then-governor being involved in extramarital affairs during the time of his gubernatorial race. The ensuing months were quite turbulent for Eric, prompting him to leave his post within months of the news becoming public knowledge.

One remarkable fact about the former governor of Missouri is that he never denied that he had an extra-marital relationship. What he vehemently objected to was the additional accusations of threatening his ex-lover with some compromising pictures. Apart from the love affair, Eric Greitens also answered to allegations of some campaign finance violations, which include leveraging on a charity donor list in a bid to raise campaign funds and then covering up with the lies he told the Missouri Ethics Commission on how the list got into his hands.

While making his resignation public, Greitens stated that the onslaught he faced was undeserved. According to the former governor, he did not break any laws, neither did he commit any offense to warrant the kind of treatment that was meted out to him. Though it has been quite a while since he exited from office, investigations relating to his downfall still continues.

The Ethics Commission in Missouri is yet to complete their reports into a complaint by the legislative investigatory panel chairman which points to violations of multiple campaign finances. The resultant effect of this is that the 56th governor of Missouri had deep hands into his once-formidable campaign fund to the tune of $1 million to settle the teams of solicitors who work in his defense. A lion’s share of this fund was received by the Husch Blackwell firm, where they have Catherine Hanaway as a partner. Catherine, who lost the race to Eric Greitens during the GOP primaries, has been Eric’s representative in many of his legal battles.

According to the records, the former chief executive of the state of Missouri has retained several campaign aides on his payroll. This includes the likes of Scott Turk who has been on the payroll of the state during a period in the ex-governors time in office which was cut short to just 17 months.

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What is Eric Greitens Doing Now?

Eric Greitens
Eric Greitens and his family image source

Despite the extramarital affair, Eric Greitens and his University of Missouri political science professor wife Sheena Greitens appear to be living happily. When news broke of the incident, the pair released a statement together where they talked about dealing with the issue privately.

To keep himself occupied, the 56th Governor of Missouri has decided to go back to writing, with his new book focusing on his Jewish faith rather than any other thing. It is not clear if he already has a publisher for the job. Greitens might soon find himself facing literary fraud accusations that were brought against him in respect of his third book, Resilience.

Another bit of information that has been recently made public about what he might be doing next was made available by the US Navy. The ex-Navy SEAL is supposedly making a comeback to the military, which aided him extensively during his gubernatorial campaigns of 2016. According to the Navy, Eric Greitens is not expected to return to combat but is rather going to be stationed at the Naval Reserve where the ex-governor will serve as an officer.

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