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On June 17, 2017, Erica Harris recited the very words that bound her in matrimony to American football star, Seth DeValve, officially making her a football wife. What stood out in the much-celebrated wedding was the youthfulness of the couples. The then twenty-two-year-old bride walked the down the aisle of Trinity Covenant Church in full view of close friends and relatives as she said “yes” to her 24-year-old groom. It’s been over two years now since that time, and the love birds are having the best time of their lives. Not only because Seth DeValve’s career has recorded incredible success, but also the numbers that have added to the family since that time. In this piece, we tell you everything we know about Erica Harris.

Who Is Erica Harris?

Erica Harris—now Erica DeValve—was born in New Jersey, the United States on January 24, 1995, to Afro-American parents. She and her younger brother, Justin, were raised in New Jersey where she attended elementary school and high school. Although there is no information about her childhood, early education, parents or what they do for a living, it is known that Harris attended Princeton where she majored in English and graduated in May 2018. Erica Harris also bagged a certificate of proficiency in African American studies alongside ten other graduating students.

Erica and Seth DeValve first met back in Princeton. As sources put it, Erica was actually the first to have spotted Seth when he played the guitar in front of fellow coursemates as part of a class project. That was in 2015 and they were both freshmen at the time. Well, DeValve didn’t notice Erica until they both met at a school fellowship gathering at the on-campus church.

Seth DeValve happened to be leading the service that day and the two got talking later that evening. Theirs was an organic friendship that blossomed with time and interaction. Perhaps what further cemented their relationship was their mutual membership in the campus ministry group, Princeton Faith & Action. PFA was founded in 2002, about thirteen years strong by the time the DeValve found themselves in Princeton. Among other things, Princeton Faith & Action engages its members in Bible courses as well as fellowship activities that hold weekly at a building just one street across the university environment.

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About Erica Harris’ Husband

Seth DeValve and his wife, Erica Harris

It was in one of those weekly meetings, DeValve first asked Erica Harris out on a date. Now best friends, DeValve took things a notch higher only months later when he asked Erica to be his girlfriend. It was official. The love birds were on their way to nuptial bliss. It was in May 2015, and the freshmen still had a couple of years ahead of them.

Around that time, a lot was happening for DeValve. Most significant of those events was his drafting into the Cleveland Browns football team. Now hit by fame, the wise kid thought it was high time he made things official and began making plans to propose to his girlfriend.

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From their previous conversations, Seth understood Harris was the record-keen type who wanted their proposal properly videotaped and photographed. But what she didn’t specify was where she’ll love to see it happen. Seth had a plan.

Seth planned to pop the million-dollar question in Erica’s hometown back in New Jersey. And there was no better time to do this than after the Browns’ game against the Baltimore Ravens. Following Thursday night’s game, the Browns got two days off. Finally, the perfect moment had arrived.

This was supposed to be a surprise, right? And so DeValve told Erica an entirely different reason why they should both return to Princeton. He’d told her producers requested an interview with them both, about their time in Princeton and his NFL career. As DeValve said, the “interview” was to be shot on the school’s football field. Unbeknownst to Erica, cameras had been positioned in the stands the film the whole “interview” unfold. It was when they got to the center of the field that evening that Erica smelled the hint of romance in the air.

Her boyfriend got down on one knee and popped the question. According to sources, Erica was both speechless and elated. The two got married on June 17, 2017, in a ceremony held at Trinity Covenant Church in Manchester, Connecticut. Later that day, a grand reception was held at Aqua Turf Club in Plantsville.

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As of this writing, Erica Harris and her husband, Seth DeValve, have a son together. The family resides in Cleveland Ohio.

Her Career and Salary

THough facts about the career path she leads aren’t known, Erica once had a stint in gymnastics. As of 2019, there are no sources clearly stating Erica Harris’ net worth. However, if marriage is anything to go by, Erica shares in her husband’s over $2 million in income for the last three seasons. As of 2017, sources put DeValve’s earnings at $636K. which put him among the first 1000 highest-earning players in the NFL.

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