Erigga’s Net Worth – Just How Much Money Does The Rapper Have?

Erigga’s net worth is currently estimated at $1 million. This is bound to increase if he remains active and relevant in the music industry.

With a net worth estimated at around $1 million, Erigga must always be counted among the Nigerian youth who have been able to conquer poverty through exploits in the entertainment industry. More than that, he is revered as one of the popular faces who have defined what it means to be a hip-hop artist in the Nigerian music scene.

A few select people define Hip-hop’s history in the West African nation, and rapper Erigga is one of them. Having been a part of the entertainment industry for as long as he has been, Erigga has not only built a name for himself as a prolific and talented musician; he is also well known for the wealth he has amassed in the decade that he has had his career.

Erigga’s Net Worth is Estimated Around $1 Million

Erigga’s career in the Nigerian music industry has not only been a long one but has also been very successful. In the time that he has been a musician, he has amassed a fortune that is believed to be worth almost 1 million dollars. This fortune has resulted from two main things; the work he has done and how long he has been in the music industry.

While it is more reflective of the former, it does not quite reflect the amount of work he has done. For the duration that he has had his career, Erigga has released several albums and has been the recipient of some awards, all of which speak to his genius as a musician. But the wealth he has gotten does not show the success he has had with his relatively large discography.

Is He Richer Than The Likes of Naira Marley and Zlatan Ibile?

In recent years, the Nigerian music scene has steadily been on an incline with artists from the country becoming popular outside the country. A number of new stars have come on the scene and have established themselves as worthy competitors to older musicians; they include people like Naira Marley and Zlatan Ibile, both of whom began their careers in music in 2014 and 2016 respectively but came to prominence in 2019.

In the time, Naira Marley, who is widely recognized for his contribution to the Afro-pop genre and the leader of the “Marlians,” is believed to have accumulated a net worth of $2 million while Zlatan is worth less than a million ($950 thousand).

Regardless of the fact that Erigga has been a part of the music business longer than Naira Marley and Zlatan, he is not the richest among the three. Because of that, one might be tempted to conclude that his wealth doesn’t reflect how long he has been in the industry. While it would be hard for anyone to dismiss this sentiment, it is imperative to note that people don’t have the same challenges and responsibilities in life. Perhaps, Erigga has had to spend his money more than the other singers.

Erigga Began His Professional Musical Career in 2010

Erhiga Agarivbie has always had an interest in music since he was a child growing up in Warri. However, he hoped to become a basketball player but realized that the opportunities for such a career were not abundant in Nigeria. He thus made the switch to music and decided to start rapping. But before he would make the pivot into a career in music, Erigga went through very tough and dark times in his life. He revealed in an interview that growing up in the South-South, the geopolitical region where Warri is located, he was involved in a lot of nefarious activities which included selling drugs and these activities resulted in him getting imprisoned.

He would later launch his music career professionally in 2010, with his first song being “Mo Street Gan” which was such a hit that Radio Continental, a radio station in Buenos Aires, took it on as their theme song. Three years later, he released yet another song that was an instant hit, “Coupe Decale”, which featured Shunn Bebe. Erigga continued to release singles and stand-alone songs until 2017 when he released his first body of work, an album titled A Trip to the South. The album featured the talent of other heavyweights in the industry such as Orezi, Duncan Mighty, and Skales.

The next year came with the release of new music and a new album that was released under the Sound Limited label. The second album titled Okorowanta featured songs such as “Keep Talking”, “No Be Crime”, “Nobody”, and “Where U Dey Since”. Following this, he has released one more album titled The Erigma II in 2019. The highly anticipated album was made up of 18 songs and has over 7 features from other artists, some of who are MI, Zlatan, Vector, Victor AD, and Ice Prince. One of the songs on the album, “Motivation” featuring Victor AD earned Erigga a nomination from The Headies for the Best Street-Hop Artiste.

A Look At The Most Popular Songs of The Rapper

The style of Erigga’s music is very specific to him and when he started his career, it was clear to see that there was something very different about him. For one, he chose to rap in pidgin English and this was a clear sign of the niche he was trying to carve for himself. He has had a career for more than 10 years and over the years has successfully released very well-performing songs that have consolidated his position as a rapper in the Nigerian music industry.

Including the aforementioned “Motivation” which featured Victor AD, other popular songs from the King of the South, as he is called by his fans, are: “Industry Nite”, “Welcome to Warri”, “More Cash Out”, and “Monster”.

Erigga Has Released His Music Under Different Record Labels

For the entirety of his career, Erigga has been part of two record labels; Emirate Empire and No.1 Sound Limited. With each label, he has released two albums; his debut and most recent album with Emirate Empire while his second and third albums were with No.1 Sound Limited.

It was, however, with Emirate Empire that he came to have great success and acquire a lot of fame. This label is also responsible for most of the features he has been able to have in his career as they were able to use other artists in the label.



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