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Modeling is a career with many competitors and therefore, it requires one to be passionate, tenacious, and determined. Erika Costell has proven that she possesses all these qualities and has risen in her career as a model and also as a social media personality.

In July 2017, she launched her YouTube channel and in a little time, she got about 2.5 million subscribers and currently has about 3 million subscribers. Erika also enjoys huge followership on Instagram and Twitter. Read more about her below…

Erika Costell Bio (Age)

Erika Costell was born on November 12, 1993, in Bedford, Michigan, the United States as Erika Michaelann Costell. She has a dozen siblings including her half-brother JC Sheehan and her half-sisters Morgan and Dani Sheehan who are also social media personalities. Her mother, Angel Sheehan (nee Costell) divorced her father Denis Costell and married Dan Sheehan. She is greatly obsessed with goats, yes, you read right, goats. This is a weird revelation as girls her age would prefer a dog or a cat. But she keeps one as a pet, a female goat named Twinklebuddy.

Early as a child, Erika harbored thoughts of becoming a recognized model and so as a little girl, she would get fashion magazines and try to mimic the models in the pictures. She became a cheerleader in high school for many years and a national champion cheerleader at some point. Erika Costell studied business administration at Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. She has a tattoo which according to her, reminds her to be brave and hope for the best.

At the age of 16, Erika Costell compiled pictures of herself with the help of Larry Murdock, her first manager, who helped her send them to a modeling agency and her first job as a teen model was born. The beautiful and talented model would later gain fame from DAN Talent Group Inc. and also represent the Wilhelmina International and Ideal Fit Models. She has not looked back ever since.

Lady Costell is a member of Team 10, a group established by Jake Paul with major investors like Vayner Capital, Sound Ventures, Danhua Capital, Adam Zeplain, Horizons Alpha, and A-grade investments. Team 10 is a social media group which includes other stars such as Tessa Brooks and Alissa Violet.

Her Net Worth

As a teenager, Erika worked with DAN talent and later on, she moved to Wilhelmina International and Ideal Fit Models. Although her income as a model is unknown, it is believed she earns up to five figures per annum. Her talent and creativity have kept her competitive in the industry. She admires a younger model, Gigi Hadid who according to her, has been an inspiration.

Relationship with Jake Paul

Erika Costell and Jake Paul
Erika Costell and Jake Paul: Image Source

Erika Costell became a YouTube vlogger and launched her channel in July 2017. She was later rumored to be married to Jake Paul, a fellow Team 10 member after he posted a video of their wedding on YouTube which got a lot of views at the time. Jake would later deny it, saying he did not get married to Erika and that the video was a hoax, something meant to entertain viewers.

Erika also supported his claims but the social media community do not seem to understand Jake and Erika as they always appear on each other’s video, yet they deny having any romantic affiliations.

Anyway, the stunt helped Erika attain a subscription base of over 2.5 million to her channel in less than five days. Another video released on Jake Paul’s channel in the same year showed Erika on top of him, half naked. The video was however regarded as being too explicit for his young audience and it was taken down with another video of both Jake and Erika fully clothed and apart from each other uploaded in its place.

While it was pretty obvious that the two were lovers, Jake disclosed sometime in November 2018 that they are no longer together.

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Height and Body Measurements

This gorgeous model has the perfect body measurement for the modeling industry. She’s blessed with beautiful body features such as long brown hair, slender build, blue eyes, lightweight (52 kg), and an envied height of 5 feet 7 inch (1.7 m). Erika Costell wraps all that up with the perfect body measurement of 34-26-35 inches (86-66-89 cm) and a charming smiling face.

Erika understands that as a model, adorable physic is extremely important. Through the years, she has done a good job visiting the gym to maintain her fine structure. As a model, she is known for lingerie, swim, and fitness shoots.

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