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If you’re familiar with the E! News-run original reality—Snapchat—series, The Rundown, then this face wouldn’t be so hard to recognize. Oh, except that she may be looking a whole lot different from her Snapchat looks. Erin Lim is a renowned TV personality, whose media career kicked off in 2012 as a production assistant at the 38th Annual People’s Choice Awards.

Since then her career has evolved into what it is today. As of 2019, Lim has been an E! News correspondent in the U.S., Asia, Philippines, and Hong Kong, to mention a few and has even interviewed the likes of Justin Bieber on his Calvin Klein collaboration. But more than her career, we’re also interested in her love life. Why not? If you are, so are we. So, in this post, we give you a peek into her love life; exposing the face that makes her heart go gaga. Ready?

Erin Lim’s Biography

Erin Lim was born—Erin Taylor Lim—in California, U.S.A, on April 14, 1990, to a Filipino father and Mexican mother. Though she has been a bit tight-lipped about the names of her parents or what they did for a living, we know she has a sibling by the name Erica. Together, they were raised in California. Her parents’ names are not the only hidden facts about Lim, we’re also left in the dark as to her early education and what she did as a teenager. However, what we do know is Lim attended Chapman University’s Dodge College of Film and Media Arts (in 2009) where she graduated from in 2013.


Lim got her media career started as a college student when she worked as a production assistant at the 38th Annual People’s Choice Awards back in 2012. At the time, she was working as an Executive producer and host at TV Orange. A year later, she took up a job with E! News and moved to Singapore where she became an on-air correspondent for E! Network Asia. She also worked as a host and producer. While there, Lim covered issues about fashion, music, film, pop-culture, entertainment, and everything in-between.

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Her job as a correspondent also saw her report from locations like the Philippines and Hong Kong. Although relatively short, her career period has seen her rise from the backend of the screen to hosting widely-watched programs like The Rundown. Although we’re not exactly sure when she began hosting the Snapchat show, we know it’s been a bit of success; garnering as many as 13 million loyal viewers. Lim has also worked as a panelist on the network’s program, Live From E!

While in Singapore, in 2014, Erin Lim founded her production company; Black Pearl Productions PTE. LTD. As of this writing, the company is still in operation. That, however, did nothing to her career at E! In 2017, thanks to her incredible hosting stint, E! News earned a Daytime Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Entertainment News Program. As of 2018, Lim still serves as the host of E! News’ The Rundown. And she still contributes as a regular panelist on Live From E!

Hosting aside, Lim is also an actress. Yes, you heard it. She played a leading role in the TV situation comedy series, Rules of Tham. The show aired from September to November 2013 on Singapore’s largest TV network. Plus she is also popular for her work on the films; The Arrangement (2017) and The Other Two (2019).

Erin Lim’s Net Worth

Sources reveal that Erin Lim earns an estimated salary of $60,000; Although the annual average takes home of a TV show host is $57,000. However, that’s subject to a whole lot of factors. Much of that has come from her career as a TV show host. Her exact net worth isn’t clear yet.

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Is She Dating Anyone, Who is The Boyfriend?

Erin Lim.
Erin Lim and her Boyfriend, Lamorne Morris

While we’ve left it for the last, the truth is there’s a romantic side to this story. What that simply means is, Erin Lim is in love. Yes, and madly so. With who? Follow!

Rumors started flying about in July of 2016 when the paparazzi first spotted a “certain someone” around Lim. At first, the assumption went that they were “just friends.” By the time the rumors were confirmed in September of the following year, the ‘followery’ had put a face to Lim’s love life; fellow actor Lamorne Morris. Confirmed!

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But the rumor trial went a bit too far in June of 2018 when it raised speculations that Erin was secretly married to Morris; and that the love birds had since eloped. The “elope” thingy came up after Lim shared a picture of her and her alleged husband vacationing together in Cannes, France. As expected, the marriage and eloping news were nothing more than rumors. Nevertheless, all that must’ve added to her social media following. As of May 2019, her Instagram and Twitter handle has over 181K followers and 20.7K followers respectively.

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