What to Note About Antonietta Collins’ Early Interest In Sports, Work at ESPN and Her Kids

The quick-witted sportscaster, Antonietta Collins has always had her eyes set on a career in sports since she was a little girl. She is currently an anchor for ESPN’s SportsCenter. She has featured on several of the sports network’s programs such as First Take, Will Cain, and Stephen A. Smith Shows. Active and in love with sports, the beauteous sports journalist’s earlier job description involved covering several football teams, including the Tempa Bay Buccaneers, for a CBS Sports Network affiliated radio station situated in Florida.

With a remarkable knowledge of sports, a vibrant personality, and an incomparable work ethic, Antonietta Collins is quickly establishing herself as one of the distinguished journalists in the United States, following in the footsteps of her mother.

A Playing Career and an Experienced Mother Forged Her Interest in Sports Journalism

Thanks to a close relationship with her mother, Maria Antonieta Collins, a sports journalism career was always on the cards for Antonietta. Born to her mother on November 22, 1985, in Chula Vista, California, she grew up as the daughter of a successful journalist.

Her mother, Maria, is an internationally renowned journalist. Her reporting has earned her four Emmy Awards and the Edward Murrow Award. Although far more of a general journalist, she started her career covering baseball in the Major Leagues.

However, despite sharing her mother’s passion for journalism, Antonietta Collins’ decision to focus primarily on sports came out of a playing career in her teenage and young adult years. At the age of 10, she began playing soccer. She impressed coaches and talent watchers enough that she secured a place in Mexico’s national under-19 team. She spent two summers training with the team.

In high school, she continued playing soccer for St. Brendan High School before heading to Mount Union College for her college education. While she was part of the college’s women soccer team, she studied communications, with an emphasis in sports management. As a college student, she prepared herself for the real world with an internship at a minor league hockey team. Eventually, Antonietta Collins graduated and started her journey to the top.

Antonietta Collins Began Her Career Working as a Gopher

As a result of the skilled sports journalist’s fluency in Spanish and English, she secured her first professional job at a Miami-based TV Network, Univision. She began working as an intern, specifically as a gopher. She got coffee for other members of staff and assisted in different parts of the production process.

After a while, Antonietta Collins applied and got a job for a local radio sports station in St. Petersburg. With little to zero experience as a sports journalist, she worked as a board operator on the midnight shift. She also covered Tampa Bay and Marlin Rays press conferences.

Eager to expand her job responsibilities, she applied to other outlets. Her bilingual status came handy, and she found a job at Univision’s Noticias 48/Fox 2 news team. She began the role in 2009 and worked as a general news reporter. She covered stories on drug trafficking, immigration, and worked as a sports and weather anchor.

About two years into working for Noticias 48, she sought to align herself more with her sports journalism dream. She applied to be a sports anchor in Dallas and joined Univision’s Deportes morning show, Despierta America. While there, Antonietta Collins also worked on the network’s magazine show, Primer Impacto.

A well-timed decision by Univision to start a flagship sports program, Contacto Deportivo, helped Antonietta gain her first position in a full-fledged sports outlet. While there, she covered the NBA Postseason and Finals, Dallas Cowboys, FC Dallas, and other major sports teams in the Dallas area where the network was based. At this time, she expanded her resume and worked as a producer for Univision’s 23’s local sports show, Accion Deportiva Extra.

She joined ESPN After Two Audition Attempts

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Based on her work for Univision in Dallas, Antonietta Collins’ reputation was on the rise. However, it was not enough to secure her an ESPN gig on her first attempt. After ESPN approached her for a role, she failed to impress in the audition and lost the opportunity.

After a year and a half, in 2013, she auditioned again and impressed the producers. Before working her way up to SportsCenter, she started at the premier sports media outlet covering soccer for ESPN.com. She also covered the careers of Latin players in major American sports.

Eventually, she expanded her repertoire to all American sports and began guest-hosting ESPN’s Baseball Tonight. Again, her bilingual abilities got her a role as the host of One Nacion on ESPN Deportes, and in February 2016, she began anchoring SportsCenter.

In her role as anchor, Antonietta Collins has traveled all around the world, especially Latin America, covering several stories. At home in America, she covers Major League Baseball, NBA, and NFL, becoming one of the media outlet’s most visible reporters. It is the fulfillment of a childhood dream and the expansion of Collins’ generational footprint in journalism.

Antonietta Collins is a Single Woman with No Children

Despite her approachable persona and a willingness to share her life as a reporter with fans and viewers, one aspect of Antonietta’s life that remains a mystery is her love life. As far as we know, she is a single woman who is yet to have any children. Her work, for now, remains her only priority. The focus on her career is so great that despite having an attractive figure and several publicly confessed suitors, she is yet to be linked to anyone.

One explanation for the unusual shortage of activity in her love life is a terrible experience during her teenage years. A story shared by her mother in the book, When the Monster Awakens, revealed that Antonietta was in a domestically abusive relationship when she was a teenager. The exact details of the unfortunate experience remain locked away. But it seems significant enough that Antonietta refuses to discuss the incident.


It appears the trauma still lingers and might be the reason for the lack of a known boyfriend. Is it the only reason? We cannot say, but for now, all of Collins’ focus is on her career. While she does not have any children, she does have two dogs, Nacho and Ryan. And as fans of the SportsCenter anchor, we cannot complain.


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