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Journalism is among the interesting and noble careers we have on planet earth, and in spite of the innate stimulating nature of sports, it has been further buoyed by the efforts of men and women who work tirelessly to bring sporting activities to our doorsteps. One sports reporter that has garnered public attention for his extensive and excellent work in sports is ESPN Chris Mortensen who has recorded countless accomplishments in the profession. Away from journalism, Chris is an accomplished writer with the authorship of one book to his credit and he has also functioned as a movie producer. However, the famed journalist has recently been ailed by cancer of the throat and had to briefly step down from active journalism.

Chris Mortensen’s Biography

ESPN Chris Mortensen was born in Torrance, California on November 7, 1951. Although the names of his parents have never been revealed, they did a good job in bringing him up and encouraging his interest in sports that took-off right from high school which he accomplished at North Torrance High School. Chris was not just interested in a single sport, while he excelled in football; he was equally good in both baseball and basketball.

Following his high school graduation, he joined El Camino College located in LA California which coincided with the imminence of the Vietnam War. Chris took the conscious decision to join the army and render two years of service to his country.

For the young Chris Mortensen, his greatest dream was to end up as a professional sportsman, but upon his high school graduation, he came to grasps with his inability to live that particular dream and thus had to find an alternative. His initial plans were to take up a teaching career and also function as a coach, but after much pondering, he opted for sports journalism.

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His career commenced in his home town Torrance with Daily Breeze newspaper which paved the way to a second job with Atlanta Journal-Constitution newspaper where the young journalist was exposed to diverse sports reportage involving sports teams like the Atlanta Falcons, the National Football League as well as Atlanta Braves. ESPN Chris Mortensen’s next job was with The National where he took coverage of the NFL from 1989 to 1990. His stint with The National was succeeded with a plum job at ESPN in 1991 where he has put in the longest time in the history of his career.

Under the ESPN Sports Network, ESPN Chris Mortensen garnered rapid fame for his coverage of notable programs like Sunday NFL Countdown, NFL Gameplay, SportsCenter, Monday NFL Countdown and many more. His role in the Network’s coverage of the National Football League Draft has been quite significant and he has a plethora of awards to show for his hard work and dedication to his chosen career. His awards were totaled 18 at the last count with the most significant being the National Headliner Award for Investigative Reporting as well as the George Polk Award.

About Chris Mortensen’s Wife and Family

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen is definitely a one-woman man; his marriage with Micki Mortensen took off in 1984 and has endured for over 35 years. From what is obvious, their union is still going strong cemented by the birth of their only child Alex Mortensen who came in 1985. However, Chris’ childhood aspirations of becoming a professional football player was accomplished by his son Alex who went on to play for the Tennessee Titans in a brief football career that only included a solitary game against the Buffalo Bills in 2009. Despite the brevity of Alex’s stint with the Titans, it was like a dream come true for his family, though he is still in football working for the Birmingham Iron as a couch.

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Chris Mortensen
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Health Struggle and Cancer Battle Update 

In January 2016, an announcement came from the famed journalist through the that he has been diagnosed with cancer of the throat which was already at stage IV. He declared in the show that he would step aside in the interim to battle the disease, according to him; he had the unflinching support and prayers of his spouse, family, and colleagues to look up to in the course of his treatment.

Upon his exit from ESPN, he commenced Chemo at the MD Anderson Cancer Center located in Houston which seemed successful as his cancer which was located at the base of his tongue and throat disappeared by August 2016 and by the next month, he was already back on seat at the ESPN, doing what he knows best as he took coverage of the NFL first-round draft. However, Chris received another ugly diagnosis in November 2016, revealing that his cancer has returned and this time, it metastasized all the way to his left lungs.

The celebrity journalist embarked on a new treatment known as immunotherapy which was effective in reducing and stabilizing the cancer cells, though the bad part is that the treatment can not last forever.

While he is optimistic about winning the battle with cancer, ESPN Chris Mortensen goes through regular treatment to mitigate the effect of the disease. He has to contend with health-related issues, weight loss as well as go through exams and scans to keep a close eye on the cancer.

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