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One tough cookie who can definitely hold her own next to the boys in the male-dominated world of sports reporting is ESPN’s Linda Cohn, the American born sportscaster who is currently working as a host for ESPN’s SportsCenter. Immediately after the completion of her bachelor’s degree, Linda made her debut in sports reporting in 1981 at WALK-AM radio station. She was with WCBS NewsRadio 88 between 1984 and 1987; the veteran sportscaster did some work with WCBS-FM within the same period and also contributed to WGBB-AM from 1984 to 1985.

In 1987, Linda Cohn made the records at ABC as the first female permanent sports host on a national network. The veteran sports anchor has put in over 26 years with ESPN and according to one of her bosses at the network Norby Williamson; Linda has anchored more SportsCenter episodes than any other sports host. Her efforts have not gone unnoticed as she was dubbed one of the 25 most influential ladies in the world of sports. The year 2003 was a good one for Linda as she had her induction into the Jewish Sports Hall of Fame. She is also a writer with her memoir released in 2008.

Linda Cohn’s Biography

Linda Cohn was born in Long Island, New York, in the United States on the 19th of November 1959 and her ancestry is obviously Jewish. The famed sports anchor’s family appears to be a closely knit one as she would always watch sports with her dad who is a diehard sports fan. On her own part, her mum registered her with a hockey league where she played with boys. According to the successful journalist, her parents will take the credit for her life achievements especially her mum whose influence propelled her to greater heights.

The young Linda joined Newfield High School where she took an active part in ice hockey, for further academic qualifications, she went to SUNY Oswego where she eventually became part of the women’s ice hockey team as the goalie. In 2006, her efforts at SUNNY was crowned with an induction into the Oswego State Athletics Hall of Fame and she graduated in 1981 with a BA in Arts and Communications.

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For the next ten years after graduation, the budding journalist worked as a sports host with several radio stations and in 1992, Linda Cohn landed a plum job with ESPN as an anchor for SportsCenter which she has continued with till date. Linda Cohn was married to Stew Kaufman and they have two children Dan (son) and Sammy (daughter).

Net Worth

ESPN’s Linda Cohn sure belongs to the crème de la crème of the media world with gross annual earnings estimated at $3 million. With that high an income, one would not be far from the truth to surmise that her net worth of $10 million was majorly earned from her career as a journalist. Linda’s wealth has the potential to show a higher figure in subsequent years as she is still very much active in the world of sports reporting.

Why Was Linda Cohn Suspended?

It is quite true that Linda Cohn has had some issues with ESPN in the past; notable among them was when she got almost fired from the job despite the level of success she has recorded. The reason behind the issue was because the media outlet argued that she fails to show love for the sports on television, giving her half a year to make improvements and supported the sportscaster with a video coach to aid her in the process.

Not long after she scaled through the hurdle of the threatened sack, Linda still faced suspension from the network on a certain political view they couldn’t agree with. On the 27th of April 2017, while she was on the set of The Bernie and Sid show, the veteran journalist stated that the ESPN network has lost its subscribers and fan base for getting too political.

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The statement led the president of ESPN, John Skipper to place her on suspension, but then the network will definitely not get away with political hypocrisy. After all, when leftist Jemele Hill uploaded debasing expressions to the POTUS, sporting leftist views, she was not exposed to any strict actions at all. However, Linda Cohn has resumed work with the network after serving her suspension; she is still as dedicated as ever, doing what she knows best.

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