It has always been an interesting prospect; for some people at least; to live longer lives, to get to continue enjoying life and everything that it means to them for years past the normal human ‘expiry’ date. Even more commonplace than that desire is the desire to leave a legacy, to have something that people can hold on to after you have gone and credit to you.

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As science does more research along the lines of extending our lifetimes, the technological world has come up with an idea of their own; actually several, but one especially caught our attention. Eternime is a 2014 start-up that basically aims to enable you live on digitally, eternally. The company will store data from Facebook, Twitter, your email, photos and videos and really anything you will allow them access to. You will of course determine the information you would like to be stored and made public and the site will then allow you select a group of people to be contacted on event of your death. This people will be given access to your account with all its acquired data over the years.

Cyber informatic

That is not all however, the feature which holds promise for you living eternally, is the service’s digital 3-D avatar, which will be designed to look like you. It will emulate your personality, dishing out bits of information to friends and family that it would have taken from your database of stored information. You will be encouraged to train the avatar by interacting with it daily so it’s vocabulary and conversational skills will get better.

The eternime site makes this bold declaration of their goal; “We want to preserve for eternity the memories, ideas, creations and stories of billions of people. Think of it like a library that has people instead of books, or an interactive history of the current and future generations. An invaluable treasure for humanity.”

It is certainly an interesting concept, just imagine your children who you have talked to death about how lovely their grandmother was, being able to interact with your mother’s avatar and getting a feel of her for themselves. It would of course also imply that people would find it harder to move on from loved ones and may entrench themselves in a digital make believe that will not be healthy in the long run.


Either ways, eternime currently has 31,395 people already signed up (so you are not weird for liking the idea of being digitally immortalized) and they let in a few more people each week, so if you are an adventurous techie, you could throw your hat in the ring by going ahead to sign up and await their invitation to be digitally immortalized.

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