5 Things You Didn’t Know About Ethan Bradberry

There are many ambitious young men and women who have leveraged on the advantages of social media to attain celebrity status. A typical example is Brooklyn native Ethan Bradberry who collaborated with his younger brother Moe to launch a YouTube channel MoeAndET that was formerly called OckTV.

The channel which stock pranks and social experimental videos has come to be one of the most-watched channels on YouTube. The duo has faced several kinds of accusations and has been called names like irresponsible, obnoxious, fake, as well as redundant. Though several of their contents are seen by many as controversial, there are still millions who rush to watch their videos immediately it is uploaded. This has resulted in over 2 million subscribers for the channel. Motivated by that level of support from fans and the general public, the Bradberry brothers have gone ahead to create a second channel on YouTube called MoeAndETVlogs which is equally recording success like the first one.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Ethan Bradberry

1. His Birth Details and Education

Ethan Bradberry’s date of birth falls on the 27th of October 1992 and he was born in Brooklyn, New York which makes him an American national. His real name is believed to be Etayyim. Though nothing is known about his parents, they are actually Palestinian immigrant who came into the United States in search of a better life, but their professions have never been reported.

It is a known fact that Ethan Bradberry is not the only child of his parents; he has two younger brothers called Omar and Moe or Mohammed who is also an internet star and collaborates with him in many of his projects. Ethan’s family still extends to include a couple of younger sister whose identities are yet to be unveiled in the media.

Although the details of his early education are not available, the internet sensation went all the way to college. According to reports, he is an alumnus of Touro College located in New York City, where he earned a degree in the sciences. However, his year of graduation has continued to elude the media.

2. Ethan Bradberry’s YouTube channel

Ethan Bradberry is counted among the fastest-growing internet personalities in recent times. Moreover, other YouTubers are known to leverage on his uploads to earn more view in their own channels. Between him and his brother Moe Bradberry, they launched a YouTube channel, titled MoeAndET in March 2014.

Ethan and Moe Bradberry
The Bradberry brothers (Image Source)

Their debut video on the channel which was titled Fighting Pranks – College Edition went viral almost immediately; earning over 1.3 million views in no time at all, and in the process, increased their subscription level. Though channels that major in pranks are quite common, Ethan Bradberry’s uploads are distinct from what we usually see on social media thanks to his strange personality.

Many people have described him as a mischievous and hateful young man; however, that has not stopped several of his videos from recording unprecedented success. Ethan Bradberry’s video uploads that have gone viral include the likes of Extreme Sitting On People Prank! (Girls Edition) and Asking Strangers for Food (Social Experiment). The two videos alone recorded views in excess of 47 million each.

The level of success that they have achieved has motivated the brothers into launching a second YouTube channel titled MoeAndETvlogs.

3. Collaborations and rivalry

Ethan Bradberry also has other friends that are equally social media personalities. Notable among them is SofloAntonio who has gone into successful collaborations with him. However, he shares a long rivalry with another YouTube star named Ethan Klein, the social media sensation is known to be against most of Bradberry’s contents, dismissing them as harmful as well as irresponsible.

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4. Net Worth

It is believed that Ethan Bradberry is averse to having his net worth published and as a result, has kept it well hidden from the public. However, sources have dug deep to discover that the famed YouTuber earn an annual income ranging from $15.3K – $244.2K on the average.

5. Body Statistics

He stands at 5 feet 8 inches (1.76m) and weighs 70kg which is approximately 154 lbs in body mass. Ethan Bradberry is of athletic build with a chest measuring 39 inches or 99 cm and 14 inches or 35 cm for biceps. He has black hair and eyes that are light brown in color.


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