Ethiopian Aircraft Hotel: Entrepreneur Turns Plane Into A Restaurant

When an entrepreneur decides to purchase an aircraft, ordinarily one can only guess about one or two business possibilities. No matter the guess, you at least expect the aircraft to be flying in the skies from time to time. In this case, the formerly owned Ethiopian aircraft- B0eing 737, has become a restaurant with a difference. It is currently known as the first Ethiopian aircraft hotel.

Guttama Gutta is an Ethiopian investor and entrepreneur. He says it took 2 years of construction to make this “aircraft hotel” a reality. The exquisite cool spot is in Burayu, Addis Ababa. The Boeing 737 aircraft had been dysfunctional for a while. So Gutta came up with the bright idea of creating the first Ethiopian aircraft hotel. By this, the aircraft which would have been languishing from gross abandonment was put into good ‘economic’ use.

Not long ago, an Ethiopian aviation wonder was recorded. Captain Mulat Lemlemayehu, a former commercial pilot at the Ethiopian airlines, launched the first air ambulance in Ethiopia and East Africa at large.

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The entrepreneur makes it clear that his intention for this outlandish business venture was strictly entrepreneurial. He wanted to advance his business and the idea came to him. Co-incidentally this could also boost domestic tourism. In that light, Gutta is nursing a long-term plan of making Burayu an interesting recreational location. He also mentions that the restaurant is open to hire for occasions like weddings, birthdays and meetings.

To suit the recreational purpose the aircraft has no engine; so it cannot move by any means. The aircraft was sold to him by the Ethiopian airlines which has been in the news lately for all the right reasons. The Ethiopian airlines is ardently developing and improving their aviation status. They have expanded their services to a remarkable stage. Currently the airline operates more than 67 aircrafts. They also have a vision of constructing a 4-star hotel in the nearest future.



With their help, the aircraft was decorated and painted. The restaurant is modeled in a way that services are rendered both indoors and outdoors.

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