5 Must Watch Ethiopian Drama Series

Ethiopian drama series are growing in popularity among the majority of the population. As access to technology is steadily increasing, viewers are being exposed to more and more television shows and series.

These range from more native versions of Ethiopian Idol to more serious drama series. Avenues in which viewers can watch these shows range from the internet, smartphones, and of course, the television. Many episodes of popular shows can be seen on YouTube, and simply require an internet connection to view them. You can go to an internet cafe or coffee shop with a computer or phone and watch television while you relax. If you are a fan of drama, there are a few evergreen Ethiopian drama series we recommend that you watch and they include: Dana, Betoch, Chelot, Sew Le Sew, and Kebebel.

Top 5 Captivating Ethiopian Drama Series

1. Dana

Dana is an Ethiopian drama series produced by East African Film Production for ETV (Ethiopian TV). It stars Meron Getnet, Getnet Enyew, Tesfu Birhane, Fitsum Tsegaye, Selemon Alemu, Yohannes Tefera, Emebet Woldegebriel, Haregewoin Assefa, Michael Tamre, Tesfalem Tamirat, and Kiros Haileselassie. Dana premiered on Sunday, April 7, 2013 and was an instant success among Ethiopian viewers. The show airs every Sunday and contains strong elements of drama and some comedy to give it a lighter touch at times. All episodes of Dana are available online and can be seen on ETV’s website under the Drama section. They can also be seen on YouTube in their entirety.

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2. Betoch

This is the next series that is highly recommended. Betoch is a Tilahun Gugsa production for Ethiopian TV. The comedy-drama airs every Saturday and is gaining serious attention from viewers who tune in to see a show that is full of adventures, hilarious surprises, and episodes that will leave you in stitches at the hysterical drama occurring among the show’s main characters. The show’s Facebook page is covered with comments from viewers who express their love for this new drama. As of now, there are over 15 episodes, all of which are available on ETV’s website as well as YouTube. All episodes are commercially free for your viewing pleasure!

3. Sew Le Sew


This must-watch Ethiopian drama series is a much longer running drama than the previous two and goes by the title Sew Le Sew. It is another show on Ethiopian TV and can be watched live on Ethiopian TV’s website. It is currently considered the hottest show on ETV with hundreds of thousands of viewers tuning in each week to catch the latest episode. The series has been running since the year 2011, and as of the time of this writing, has just under 100 episodes, all of which are available online, starting from the very first episode. Viewers can also find recaps of previous episodes bundled together on ETV’s site, allowing them to catch up quickly if they have missed any previous episodes and don’t have the time to sit and watch everything that they missed.

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4. Chelot

Chelot, a highly popular series in Ethiopia is gaining new viewers every week. It is different from all of the previously recommended shows because it’s a court drama series. Each week features a new cast, and displays the Ethiopian judicial system. Many fans of the show exclaim that they enjoy the positive direction that the Ethiopian court system is taking, and this is made possible to viewers because of Chelot. Topics range from divorce cases and the situation that children may face as a result. Also, issues that deal with child labour are very popular with viewers. Other topics are reckless driving, insurance issues (including fraud and payment), relationship disputes that involve personal property and other assets, contraband smuggling at the airport and many more. With each new episode, more topics are introduced. Chelot airs every Tuesday and can be seen live on ETV.

5. Kebebel


Kebebel is a relatively new Ethiopian drama series that began airing in 2013, and has aired 15 episodes at the time of this writing. Kebebel takes on a more serious tone, and lacks the comedic tone that some of the previous recommendations take on. This can especially be felt through the show’s excellent background music, adding to the feel of the tension and situations that occur in the program. Kebebel can be seen live on ETV every week, and can also be found on YouTube in its entirety.

There are much more Ethiopian drama series that are aired while some are still in the making and would be premiered soon. Find time and watch some of the listed series and share your experience using the comment box below.

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