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People have gained celebrity status from joining different professions, most especially a career in entertainment. However, there are a select few like Eustace Conway who have treaded a completely different part yet they enjoy the limelight for their efforts. He is a naturalist with daredevil instincts which has ensured his rise to fame. Little wonder he became one of the celebs on Mountain Men – the History channel classic which featured him alongside other stars like Marty Meierotto, Charlie Tucker, Tom Omar, and Morgan Beasley. Read on to get the inside story on both the personal and professional life of Eustace Conway.

Eustace Conway’s Biography

His given name at birth is Eustace Robinson Conway IV and he was born on the 15th of September 1961 in Columbia, South Carolina. The young Eustace developed his love for the environment through his father, a chemical engineering professor who always took him along on hikes.

Eustace’s passion for nature and adventure developed as the years rolled by and subsequently, he grew up to become a veteran at surviving amidst nature in its raw form. At the age of twelve, he spent a full week in the mountains, excited by the feeling of adventure and the beauty of nature, he made the decision to leave his family and move into the Indian Tipi when he turned seventeen

The famed mountain man has roughed it for over 35 years, living alone in the woods, wearing homemade garments and surviving on farm produce, fishing as well as hunting. He trains mules, horses, and dogs which aids him in cultivating crops and at age eighteen, he went over a thousand miles paddling a canoe on the Mississippi River, following which he embarked on a 2000-mile hike across America via the Appalachian Trail.

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With the aid of a Kayak, Eustace Conway covered the whole southern coast of Alaska. The naturalist embarked on a desert hike, covering over 5,000 miles as he went through lush jungles in North and Central America, Europe, New Zealand, and Australia. His recognition grew when he achieved the feat of successfully navigating coast to coast from the Atlantic Ocean all the way to the Pacific Ocean in 103 days – a feat which he achieved on horseback, thus setting a global record.

Eustace Conway has worked with the Mexican Chaco Canyon Park in his capacity as an interpreter and was with the Crowder’s Mountain Park in North Carolina as a state naturalist. All these feats did not stop him from getting a university degree which he achieved at Appalachian State University with a major in English and Anthropology. To cap it all, the naturalist is the founder of the wildlife preserve and environmental education center known as Turtle Island Reserve which he founded in 1987.

Eustace Conway
Eustace Conway on a visit to Turtle Island Reserve: image source

5 Facts You Need To Know about Eustace Conway

1. Personal Life

Eustace Conway has attracted a lot of public attention as the naturalist has never shown any sign of being attracted to the opposite sex which has called his sexuality to question on several occasions. Ever since he came into the limelight, he has never hinted on any past or present girlfriend neither has he been married in the past. It becomes even more difficult to decipher whether he has ever been in a romantic relationship with a woman, especially with no record of any child.

People have come to the conclusion that the mountain man is too busy taking care of his animals and crops to spare time for women and romance.

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2. Family Life

The famed naturalist comes from a family of four children; he has three siblings namely Judson, Walton and Martha. His father is a chemical engineering professor and an outdoor man named Dr. Eustace Robinson Conway III. His mother is an educationist, Karen Conway. Eustace got his love for nature from his dad who once gained public recognition for hiking over 50 miles at the mountain trails over the course of one day.

3. Net Worth

The owner of Turtle Island Reserve has earned a good amount of money from his environmental educational projects as well as reality television shows. Though his annual earnings have never attracted media attention, his net worth was pegged at $200,000 recently.

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4.  His Place In The Media

Several books have been inspired by his life, one of which is The Last American Man by Elizabeth Gilbert. In addition, Eustace Conway became the subject of adventure in an episode of The American Life weekly radio show called The Simple Life in 1998. His life and everyday activity on Turtle Island was chronicled in the documentary movie Full Circle: A life Story of Eustace Conway. The adventurer was also featured in Reconvergence – a documentary movie released in 2012.

5. Body Statistics

Just like his love life, Eustace Conway’s body measurements are not known, however, he stands at an average height with an equally average bodyweight. The celeb naturalist sports long graying beards as well as long graying hair.

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