Eva Braun – Inside The Life of Adolf Hitler’s Wife

Eva Braun is historically famous as the lover and eventual wife of the late warlord and instigator of world war II, Adolf Hitler. She was his confidential secretary and photographer who extensively supported his cause and covered his every event and the activities of his Nazi Party. Dig in to learn more facts about this blondie, her bio, sister, and her children.

Biography of Eva Braun

The late lover and wife of world infamous warlord Adolf Hitler was born as Eva Anna Paula Braun on the 6th of February 1912 as one of the three daughters birthed by her German parents Friedrich Fritz Braun and Franziska Fanny Kronberger. She had one older and one younger sister whose names are Ilse and Margarete Greti.

The young Eva Braun schooled in Catholic Lyceum, Munich before she proceeded to an English Covent business school for a year’s study, in Simbach. Whilst in school, she exhibited average intelligence with her grades and was quite athletic. By Seventeen years she had completed her education and had taken up her first job as a sales clerk and shop assistant in a photography shop owned by Heinrich Hoffmann, the foremost official photographer of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party.

The blondie over time improved her skill as a professional from an ordinary sales clerk to a camerawoman and film developer. With her excellent skill, she got permanent employment as a photographer with her boss Hoffmann’s art and press company where she worked until her death. She actively traveled and covered Adolf Hitler and the took photos and videos of the activities of the Nazi party and would then sell the pictures and footages at an exorbitant amount to Hoffmann.

The Beautiful damsel first crossed paths with late Adolf Hitler sometime in October 1929 and two years after the duo began a relationship that was highly secluded from the prying eyes of the public. Eva Braun gradually warmed her way into the heart of the war world 2 warlords, tightly securing a place by his side among his inner circle and trusted men.

Eva Braun’s Children

Eva Braun
Eva Braun with her man Adolf Hitler – Net

For the many years, Eva Braun was involved with the former Chancellor of Germany, many disputed the fact that they were sexually intimate even after their marriage was contracted on April 30, 1945, for about forty hours. The argument that Adolf Hitler and Eva were not sexually involved is based mostly on the fact that they never had children of their own.

She Attempted Suicide Twice Before Her Death

For want of attention from Hitler, Eva Braun attempted to take her own life twice by gunshot and overdose on pills. The lady out of frustration of not seeing Hitler as often as she wanted, tried to take her life first in 1932 and again in 1935. This act prompted Hitler to create more time for her. Inadvertently making her part of his household in 1936 before they even got married.

She was Strong-willed and Loyal To The End

Eva Braun throughout the course of her relationship showed commitment and loyalty to the Nazi party leader and his cause. She defied his order in a bid to be with him during the invasion of the Soviet Union army in April 1945.

Late Eva Braun Had Three Homes/Apartments

The woman enjoyed a sheltered and pampered lifestyle. She had about three different places of abode; an apartment Eva Braun shared with her younger sister Greti in Munich, another apartment at Berghof (Adolf Hitler’s place), and a large home in Obersalzberg mountain, bought in 1933 by her husband which was luxuriously renovated and furnished to taste where they lived with their three dogs (two Scottish Terrier breeds and a German Shepherd).

Her Death

Eva Braun and her husband of some hours took their own lives on April 30, 1945, after he heard of the imminent invasion of their location by the Red Army. Eva Braun ingested the cyanide capsule poison while Hitler5566tt shot himself. Their corpses were burnt by loyalists at the Reich Chancellery’s garden and their charred remains were recovered by the Soviet Union and buried at SMERSH premises. Eva Braun ended her life at the age of thirty-three while her husband died at Fifty-six years old.

Who Is Eva Braun’s Sister?

The German beauty has not one sister but two lovely sisters Ilse and Margarete Greti whom she grew up with in Munich. Her younger sister Margarete worked alongside her in 1932 at the Hoffmann photoshop for years and the duo lived together in an apartment rented for Eva Braun by Hitler.

Margarete or Greti as she was fondly called later married Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein, an SS liaison officer, on the 3rd of June 1944 but her husband was executed at the command of Hitler at the Reich Chancellery on 28th April 1945 almost a year after their wedding when he was caught running away to Switzerland. Gretti eventually got remarried to a businessman named Kurt Beringhoff whom she had a baby girl with on the 5th of May 1979. She died at the good age of seventy-two (72) sometime in 1987.

Eva Braun’s oldest sister, on the other hand, distanced herself from the Nazi party and all the happenings of the war. Ilse lived a quiet life, married twice and eventually died in 1979 at the age of seventy (70) years.

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