Eva Echeverria

Johnson’s Baby Powder– On Monday, ovarian cancer patient, Eva Echeverria, won a lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson. The court ordered the company to pay the terminally ill woman a huge sum of $417 million.

The jury ruled in favor of the Californian woman who claims that the talc content in Johnson’s baby powder is responsible for her ovarian cancer.

This will neither be the first nor the second payout after a lawsuit against the prominent company. Report says that there are at least a thousand more lawsuits against the company.

Johnson & Johnson was ordered to pay the woman $68 million for compensation and an additional $349 million as a punitive measure.

According to the plaintiff, Eva Echeverria, she has used the Johnson & Johnson Baby Talcum Powder for 4 decades. For feminine hygiene she applied the highly rated product on her perineum on regular basis.

Several other claims against the product showed similar signs and causes of the ovarian cancer. Talc was found in the ovarian tumors.

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So Does Talc Cause Cancer?

Dr. Daniel Cramer a professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston agrees that talc can cause ovarian cancer.

“Overall, women may increase their risk in general by about 33 percent by using talc in their hygiene.” 

Professor Cramer, who has served as a paid consultant on several ovarian cancer cases against Johnson & Johnson said:

“This story goes back a long, long way, back into the ’70s when people noted that ovarian cancer had many similarities to asbestos exposure.”

“Meanwhile another group in England found talc that was deeply embedded in ovaries and said there might be a story here.”

Talc is the mineral used in making powders. This is the ingredient in powders that helps to keep the skin dry.

In its natural state, talcum contains asbestos which has been found to cause lung cancer. So in a case where human beings are exposed to talc that contains asbestos, there are often cases of some kinds of cancers. The United States in modern times use purified talc- free from asbestos.

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According to the American Cancer Society,

“It has been suggested that talcum powder might cause cancer in the ovaries if the powder particles (applied to the genital area or on sanitary napkins, diaphragms, or condoms) were to travel through the vagina, uterus, and fallopian tubes to the ovary.”

Unknown to her, Eva Echeverria used the Johnson’s baby powder from the 1950’s to 2016. Even after her diagnosis in 2007, she had no clue the product may have contributed to it.

Her attorney, Mark Robinson, says his client’s aim is to create awareness and help other women who suffer the same plight with her.

“Mrs. Echeverria is dying from this ovarian cancer and she said to me all she wanted to do was to help the other women throughout the whole country who have ovarian cancer for using Johnson & Johnson for 20 and 30 years.”