What Is Eva Gutowski’s True Sexuality and How Did She Rise So Fast As an Influencer?

Ever since Eva Gutowski joined YouTube in 2011, it has been an interesting journey for her, moving from one milestone to the other. Backed by an army of young women and teenage girl fans known as Evanators, she has risen to become one of the most-talked-about personalities in the digital stratosphere. She has also leveraged on her fame to become a model, designer, actress, and author.

Such popularity has fueled a fascination with Gutowski’s background, especially her love life. The YouTube megastar has stated that she is bisexual and open to dating both men and women. She has, however, only dated men thus far. All these have therefore created confusion as fans wonder whether she is truly bisexual or just playing to the gallery.

Her Days as a Facebook Blogger in College

Eva Gutowski was born on the 29th of July 1994, in Brea, Southern California. She has African-American, Polish, Puerto Rican, and Irish ancestry and hails from a family of four comprising of her dad, John, mom, and a younger sister named Maya. As a child, Eva had a creative spirit and loved writing and producing. She also fancied entertainment and did drama and dance in school.

She thus aspired to be an author, writer, producer, and talk show host. Her role models were Oprah and Ellen, and she hoped to one day become like them. To fulfill these lofty ambitions, Eva Gutowski followed in the footsteps of her idol, Oprah, and enrolled at the California State University, Fullerton, to study broadcast journalism.

While in her freshman year in college, she used her free time to start blogging on Facebook. Her blogs focused on making it through college on a budget, as well as creative DIYs, and she soon attracted some loyal followers amongst middle-aged people. This followership grew to as much as 1000 readers each week, and before long, they started clamoring for Vlogs from Gutowski.

Eva Gutowski’s Journey to YouTube Stardom

Eva Gutowski accepted her fans’ requests for vlogs and created her YouTube channel, MyLifeAsEva, in 2011. Her first video was a Black Friday haul video, and it attracted massive reactions from young people like her. This convinced Gutowski that she was onto something good, and she decided to focus her attention on her YouTube career.

The California native continued churning out content, consisting of beauty and makeup tips, decorating tips, comic videos, DIYs, and HowTos, and eventually went on to become massively popular on the platform. As of July 2020, Gutowski has about 11 million subscribers and one billion views on her YouTube channel. She has also extended her influence to other social media platforms and now counts about 6 million followers on Instagram and 5 million on Twitter.

Industry watchers have attributed this feat to the fact that the young lady tailors her content to suit each platform. On YouTube, Gutowski is funny and self-deprecating, but when it comes to Instagram, she glams up for exquisite fashion and modeling shots. On Twitter, the internet personality uses her account to promote issues close to her heart, including animal welfare.

Such digital savviness has fetched Gutowski several accolades, including being shortlisted for female web star of the year at the 2019 Teen Choice Awards. She has also utilized her fame to diversify into other aspects of show business such as modeling and acting. Some of her YouTube series include Me and My Grandma and How to Survive High School. She also owns a fashion line, It’s All Wild, and has authored a bestselling lifestyle and inspirational book – My Life as Eva: The Struggle is Real.

Coming Clean About Her Sexual Orientation

Most human beings are naturally inclined to believe that every other person is straight until the time they come out and expressly say otherwise. Such presumptions are also applied to celebrities, and as such, many people naturally assumed that Eva Gutowski was straight. Their beliefs were further strengthened by the fact that her dating profile has so far consisted of only men.

The YouTube personality, however, clarified the status of her sexuality in a series of five tweets, which she dropped on the 31st of August 2016. In the string, Gutowski stated that she was ready to fall in love with anybody, boy or girl, and had experienced such feelings since the age of 12.

She also maintained that the fact that one has not dated somebody of the same sex does not mean that they can’t be taken seriously as bisexual. The YouTube megastar then used the remainder of her posts to urge people to free themselves and allow themselves to love whoever their heart chooses. She urged them not to be scared of “not being normal,” but rather pledge to be honest.

Gutowski’s posts led to an outpouring of positive sentiments from her fans. Some publications, including Teen Vogue, also praised her for openly talking about her sexuality as it will help inspire others to consider living their lives more authentically.

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A Look at Some of the People Eva Gutowski Has Dated

So, there you have it. The truth about Eva Gutowski is that she is bisexual, and as such, open to romantic relationships with men and women. She has, however, only dated men, at least publicly, for now, but that doesn’t change a thing. As she already pointed out in her tweets, the fact that one has not dated a person of the same sex does not diminish their bisexuality. Gutowski’s first public relationship was with Andrew Kingsbury in 2015. Kingsbury is an online marketing guru and an Instagram celeb. They dated for a few months and broke up in 2015 as well.

Gutowski found love again with YouTube star, Alex Hayes, in 2016. The relationship lasted until August of that same year before they broke up messily. Gutowski accused Hayes of just using her to get famous and urged her followers to be wary of whom they trust. She also advised them not to put too much weight on all the picture-perfect relationships being paraded online. Hayes responded to these allegations by accusing his ex of making a false statement, and the whole thing ended at that.

Eva Gutowski
Olav and Gutowski: Image Source

Moving on from that unsavory episode, the star YouTuber dated Adam Bartoshesky, a freelance photographer, in 2016. They spent two years together, during which they usually posted cute pictures of themselves on their social media accounts. Their relationship sadly came to an end in early 2018, and Gutowski is now going strong with another photographer named Olav Stubberud. On the 24th of May 2020, she used her Instagram to share a series of steamy pics with Olav and declared that this was the right time to tell the whole world that she was in love again. Her post led to congratulatory messages from several of her peers, as well as her fans.

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