5 Things You Didn’t Know About Evan Breen, The Instagram Star

Thanks to the speed of light and pool of audience across the world, becoming a star from the internet has been become easier. The many internet stars today did not need to queue up long hours for a media company to employ them but instead, they have created employment for themselves via the internet. Evan Breen is one of such talent personalities who has harnessed the inherent power of the net to project themselves to fame and earn a reasonable fortune. Discover more about who Evan Bree is and five other things there is to know about this Instagram star in this article.

Evan Breen’s Biography

The ace internet star Evan Michael Breen was birthed on the 7th day of November 1988 in the beautiful city of Detroit where he also grew up with his family. His fondness for the city is reflected in the way he talks about his native town on his videos. The talented comic actor had his high school education at the Grosse Pointe South High School, Grosse Pointe Farm where he graduated in 2006. He was athletic and joined his school’s hockey, golf and baseball teams.

Although Evan Breen enrolled into Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, his quest to obtain a bachelor degree in Communication and Accounting failed during his college final year, as he quit his studies in 2010 to focus on other matters. Below are five facts you may have known and some you may not have known about this Instagram personality.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About The Instagram Star

Career Progression

After the young Evan Breen quit his studies in his final year, he picked up odd jobs to get by. One of such jobs he did was as a driver; he was employed by Royal Oak hospital called Beaumont Hospital in Michigan and worked there until he turned his attention to building a viable career as an online vlogger. He did not have a hard time deciding the content to create. As a teenager, he was gifted with humor that as a college student, he was already writing comic sketches which he posted on his Twitter account.

His career as internet personality took off properly from the now-defunct video-sharing application Vine. Chris D’Elia inspired him to embraced his skills as a comedian and actor. In 2013, Evan Breen actively started putting out content from his Laturtle handle thus he racked up a sizable number of followings in thousands.

With growing fame, Evan Breen was approached by LA-based media company to create content for them. His fortune turned around from then on as he shuttled back and forth from his home town to the beautiful city of Los Angeles for his job.

His impressive works as a genius soon landed him more gigs with other media companies where he gladly gave his services for monetary returns. The contents on his Vine garnered a larger audience of followers reaching into million in 2016 before the application was shut down later the same year.

Although the internet personality initially set up his video-sharing channel YouTube in the same year (2013) as he started posting on Vine. His Vine raked in more views running in millions. As of 2019, years after Vine disappeared, his YouTube channel has risen in views and subscribers. His contents on the channel have got over 450,000 subscribers with more than 35 million views.

He has even worked with other notable internet stars like Ethan Klein. Indeed the internet star has done well for himself as his social media handles are not faring badly – his Twitter handle also has a good following.

Net Worth

Even though it is pretty clear that the internet comic star earns via his tangible number of followings amassed both on his video-sharing platform YouTube and his other social media handles such as Twitter which has grown in thousands, his net worth has remained unverified. Although some online media believe Evan Breen is about $100,000 to $1 million.


Evan Breen
Evan Breen with sister and mom Image Source

The interesting personality has a rich cultural heritage. He hails from Irish, German and a hint of Indian bloodline. He is yet to reveal who his parents are but one thing that is clear is that he has a sister called Kelly with whom he shares special childhood memories. Perhaps he would still get around to telling the world who his wonderful parents maybe.

Personal Relationship

Evan Breen once said he was in a relationship during his college days but they broke up. Since then he has not revealed his new girlfriend.

Height and Body Measurement

The internet personality has a good height advantage standing at about 5 ft 9 inches tall. His frame is complemented by weight listed as 72 kilograms or 159 pounds. However, his other body measurement such as chest waist and arms are not yet a piece of public knowledge.

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