Evan Peters And Emma Roberts: The Untold Truth Of Their Relationship

It was a love to fight for, but when the conditions got tough, walking away seemed to be the only option left. For Evans Peters and Emma Roberts, it was pretty hard turning to leave, but they did anyway. And now, they’re happy about it. At least they seem so. Their journey began back in 2012 when the two first met on the set of Adult World which was later released in 2013. It must’ve been total bliss. For Emma Roberts, it was already eight years since her big break on the Nickelodeon TV series Unfabulous.

The following year, 2013, had so much in store for the young actress. While the lovely couple maintained a good profile before the cameras, very little was known about the inner turmoil they were facing. Like an episode from Nat Geo’s documentary series, Seconds from Disaster, this piece takes you through the Evan Peter and Emma Roberts love tale; unraveling the untold truth about their relationship until the final moments before the crash.

Evan Peters And Emma Roberts’ Initial Friendship

Like most Hollywood relationships and marriages, Evan Peters and Emma Roberts first met in the line of duty. It was 2012 and the duo was working on what would be their first project together, Adult World. They have since appeared together on several other projects including American Horror Story. Ironically, time would reveal how their own real-life relationship was a horror story.

It isn’t clear the details about the months of their relationship however, what’s no secret however is the unstable and tumultuous nature of their relationship.

The First Signs of Trouble

As per eyewitness accounts, the first signs of trouble cropped up in July of 2013 when Evan Peters and Emma Roberts got wound up in an altercation back in their hotel room in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. A concerned guest couldn’t risk assumptions when he/she heard a heated dispute coming from their room and quickly phoned the police. It was a nice move and would probably save Evan Peters’ life. By the time the police arrived, the argument had morphed into an exchange of fists, leaving Evan Peters with a bloodied nose. The police arrested Emma Roberts who many expected would face charges for domestic violence. But her lover would not press any charges. Talk about love being blind!

After Roberts’ release from police custody a few hours later, the couple released a joint statement calling the issue an unfortunate incident and misunderstanding, and that they were working together to move past it.

Evan Peters And Emma Roberts’ Engagement

By March the following year, they got engaged. Perhaps a sigh of relief swept through their fan base, who were now listening for the slightest clings of the wedding bell. But things weren’t going to be that simple. Their relationship was in for another season of—on and off—twitches.

By June 2015, their engagement had been called off, sending a wave of rumors, theories, and half-truths across the American show biz space. Then in November 2016, they were spotted together again. This time, Emma Roberts rocking her pink and gold diamond ring from their 2015 engagement. For most people, the message was far from clear. What were the love birds up to?

2017 was another split year for the couple. This time, the split would mean Roberts going ahead to date fellow star from Little Italy, Hayden Christenson. Although their relationship wasn’t public, a breakup between Christenson and his then partner, Rachel Bilson, soon blew off the lid. According to sources, Bilson had discovered text messages that made her believe that Christensen was having an inappropriate relationship with Roberts. Despite the media hassle, Evan Peters and Emma Roberts stuck together.

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Evan Peters And Emma Roberts’ Final Split

Emma Roberts and Garrett Hedlund image source

However, March 2019 brought it all to an end. The couple finally decided to call it quits for good after seven years together. For those who could read the signs, Evan Peters and Emma Roberts had been heading south for a long time; albeit slowly. While Roberts has since started dating Triple Frontier actor, Garrett Hedlund, Evan Peters for a while kept a low profile and stayed single. Sources, as of late 2019, now reveal that the actor is dating the singer Halsey; after they showed up at Six Flags holding hands and getting all loved up.

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