Why Did Eve Mavrakis’ Divorce McGregor After 22 Years, What Did She Get and Where Is She Now?

Once upon a time, Eve Mavrakis was married to award-winning actor who doubles as one of the most attractive men in Hollywood, Ewan McGregor. Their union thrived for many years and was upheld as a golden example in an industry rife with divorces and breakups. The couple later shocked many when they announced that they were getting a divorce in 2018.

Since then, it has been a most painful uncoupling, especially in view of the fact that McGregor may have had something going on with a co-star while still legally married to Eve. The couple’s children waded into the whole saga with most of them firmly taking their mother’s side and hurling some choice words at their father. The divorce also lingered for about three years before being finally settled with Eve walking away with a huge paycheck.

The Couple Met On The Set Of The TV Series, Kavanagh QC, In 1995

Eve Mavrakis first met Ewan McGregor on the set of the British TV series, Kavanagh QC, in 1995. At the time, he was still trying to make it as an actor and had a minor part in the series, while she was a production designer on the same project. They fell for each other hard and fast and commenced a relationship. In the course of the romance, the playboy McGregor realized that he really wanted to be with Eve in a manner different from what he had with other women. He thus popped the big question after just months of dating and they tied the knot on the 22nd of July 1995 in France.

The couple later settled down to family life and welcomed their first child, a daughter named Clara Mathilde (b. February 1996) just after seven months of tying the knot. By this time, McGregor had become an international star thanks to his portrayal of a drug addict in the 1996 film, Trainspotting. He, therefore, delved headlong into the life of a typical celebrity and spent copious amounts of time partying and drinking.

It was his wife who helped him realize the error of his ways and he mended his act and became a more focused family man. The couple welcomed their second child, Esther Rose, in November 2001. They subsequently adopted a third, named Jamyan (born in June 2001) from Mongolia in April 2006 before welcoming their last daughter, Anouk, in January 2011.

Eve Mavrakis
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Mavrakis And McGregor Were An Understated But Classic Celebrity Couple

During the course of their marriage, Eve Mavrakis and her ex-husband eschewed the celebrity lifestyle in favour of just living like ordinary folks. They took great care to shield their romance from unnecessary public attention, however, demurred to the occasional public date nights and Eve also accompanied her husband to movie premiers, major award ceremonies, including the Oscars, as well as his investiture as an OBE in 2013.

The couple also took great care to protect their kids from the paparazzi. When one of the paps went to the extent of capturing their family vacation pictures and publishing it in the tabloids, Mavrakis and her husband did not take it lightly with them. They sued both the pap and the tabloids and received about $75,000 in the settlement.

Such a lifestyle contributed to the longevity of the couple’s union and made them one of the most admired in Hollywood. Many therefore sought to know the secret to their thriving romance but McGregor replied that there was no special formula behind it except being in love with the woman he was sharing his life with. Unfortunately, it seems that the actor ran out of that love at some point.

Eve Mavrakis
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Mavrakis Divorced Her Husband As A Result Of His Relationship With One Of His Co-stars

Eve Mavrakis and her husband announced their separation in October 2017 and the actor filed for divorce in January 2018. This shocked many people as there was no inkling of trouble in their paradise. It later emerged that Ewan had something going on with his co-star, Mary Elizabeth Winstead. The two had been photographed kissing in a London café in 2017. This put a final nail in the coffin of the couple’s marriage as it was obvious that even if Eve wanted to salvage the union, McGregor had fallen in love with another person.

The production designer, therefore, had no option but to file her own petition for divorce. In the petition, she asked the court for sole custody of their only under-18 child, Anouk, and agreed to grant her ex-husband visitation rights. She also requested for spousal and child support. The divorce process dragged out for three years during which McGregor began openly dating Mary Elizabeth Winstead. This fact angered Mavrakis, as well as the couple’s children, as it suggested some form of infidelity.

The couple’s eldest child, Clara, was quite outspoken in support of her mom. She even referred to her father’s new girlfriend as ‘a piece of trash’ on Instagram but later apologized for her immaturity. In an interview with The Times, Claire disclosed that the whole situation was devastating but it had brought all the women in her family together. The aspiring actress/model also disclosed that she still loves her dad and remains close to him, even though she does not agree with his actions. She then went ahead to wish her dad well in his new relationship but maintained that she wanted nothing to do with it.

The Diivorce Settlement Was A Big Payday For Eve Mavrakis

As earlier stated, the couple’s divorce process took about three years to conclude and was finalized in August 2020. As per court documents, Mavrakis and her ex-husband will share legal and physical custody of their only under-18 child, Anouk, while the actor is required to set up a trust fund for her educational expenses. He is also required to cough out about $36,000 in monthly spousal support and $15,000 in monthly child support. The Fargo star gets to hold onto about 30 of his cars while his ex-wife will get five. She will also retain ownership of her jewellery, as well as the couple’s L.A home worth $6.62 million.

An even bigger coup for Eve Mavrakis is that the court awarded her half of all residual payments and royalties that come from all the movies that McGregor featured in during their time together. That period is calculated as 1995 to May 2017 and includes highly-acclaimed fares such as Trainspotting, Moulin Rouge!, Star Wars, and Angels and Goats, etc. The production designer was also awarded half of the $3 million that her ex-husband made from his 2018 film, Christopher Robin.

Eve Mavrakis Is Moving On From The Painful Split, Focusing On Her Kids

Eve Mavrakis has described her divorce as disappointing and upsetting but accepted it in good faith as there is nothing she can do about it. The production designer is slowly but steadily moving on with her life and her primary concern remains her children. Three of her daughters are in various levels of their educational pursuits while her eldest, Clara, is a budding model and photographer who attended NYU Tisch School of the Arts. Guiding them right is what would occupy the lady’s attention for the next several years.

There is no talk of Mavrakis getting back into the dating scene or even resuming her career for now. However, if she does decide to do the latter, it shouldn’t be too difficult for her as she has experience working in Hollywood. Mavrakis initially joined the American movie industry in the late ’80s and got her first gig working as a Chinese interpreter on the 1987 film, Empire of the Sun, which was directed by renowned director, Steven Spielberg.
After that, she worked as an assistant on the set of the 1988 romantic period drama, Dangerous Liaison. From Dangerous Liaison, Eve Mavrakis went on to build a flourishing career as a production designer and art director.

The Frenchwoman has worked as a production designer on several movies and TV series, including Bandit Queen (1994), Kavanagh QC (1995), The Innocent Sleep (1995), Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (1998), Tube Tales (1999), Summer in the Suburbs (2000), Trance (2001), and Imagine Me & You (2005). She has also worked as an art director on several movies and TV series. They include Life Less Ordinary (1997), Kavanagh QC (1995), The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones: Journey of Radiance (2002), and The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles (1993).

Mavrakis’ career has not been limited to behind the screen, she has also appeared in a few productions, including Long Way Down – a mini TV series featuring former husband, Ewan McGregor, and his good friend, Charley Boorman. The miniseries chronicled their 19,000 miles (31,000km) journey from London to New York using motorcycles.

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