10 Evergreen Books Set in Africa

Evergreen books represent the kind of books that from the time they were written up until now, they are still considered amazing mostly because their content is ever refreshing and never bores the audience. Evergreen books refer to books whose content will always be considered up-to-date and that will always be of primary interest to the readers. Some of these books were written by world-famous authors while some others are not but their content have distinguished them as worthy of note and as evergreen. We want to explore such books as we feel are relevant to Africa especially because they were set in Africa.

Evergreen Books Set In Africa:

1. The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver


This is a novel written by the famous author Barbara Kingsolver. The story is about the experience of a wife and her daughters in the Belgian Congo when her husband takes them there for a visit. The experience is not what they had in mind. They are faced with the task of having to bear the colonial period in Africa in the year 1959. This book contains a lot of insight on the pre-colonial periods as well as the colonial periods. There are a lot of lessons you learn from the tales the wife and her daughters tell.

2. Copper Sun by  Sharon Draper

copper sun
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Copper Sun was written by Coretta Scott King Award-winning author Sharon Draper. It is another great novel that can be called Evergreen. This book is not entirely set in Africa, however, it starts in Africa. The plot of the story revolves around some white men who goes to a certain African Village to take some of the villagers back to their country as slaves. It is a very emotion filled book that makes you understand how brutal slavery was and how white men went about getting slaves from Africa. The fact that it is set in Africa at the beginning is very important because it gives you a background of how this slaves lived and how their life was interrupted in order for them to be taken to another country to live as slaves. Although this is a sad story, it creates a good platform for discussion especially in book clubs.

3. The White Giraffe by Lauren St. John


This is a children’s book written by Lauren St. John. The story is set in South Africa. It tails the arrival and adventures of Martine to South Africa after the death of her parents in England. The good thing about this book is that it is filled with a lot of great descriptions of South Africa that give you a clear image of how beautiful the place it. Reading this book enhances the imagination of children as it is written in a very descriptive manner with accompanying graphics. Apart from great descriptions, this book is also very entertaining. There are different themes that make you learn a lot. Some of the themes mostly discussed are grief, family and change. Although this is a magical realism book, it can be enjoyed by people who love other different genres as well.

4. Endangered by Eliot Schrefer


This book was written by Eliot Schrefer. It is an interesting book and has been among the list of best books set in Africa. It is the compelling tale of a girl who must save a group of bonobos and herself from a violent coup. It begins by discussing the living situations of a Congo community. This community is faced with the difficulties of having to protect themselves from civil unrest. The turn of events in this book will keep you entertained. It is impossible to place this book down once you have picked it up. It is a definite page turner.

5. July’s People by Nadine Gordimer

july's people

Nadine Gordimer’s novel July’s People is a fictitious account of a black revolt in South Africa. In the novel the blacks in the South African police force refuse to arrest their own people, public services break down, and fighting erupts in the major cities, quickly spreading into the rural areas. Bloodshed engulfs the country. The author tries to show the different forms of inequality that that took place in South Africa during the apartheid era. This book is good for starting discussions that would better explain the things that happened and help people come to terms with it.