Everything About SK Khoza’s Engagement and The Lady He Is About To Wife

Over the years, South African actor, Sthembiso SK Khoza has become so notorious for his relationship dramas which usually lead to scandalous situations. However, the movie star seems to have gotten it right this time around as he asked for the hand of his girlfriend Mandy Hlongwane in marriage. His proposal was so beautifully orchestrated on Instagram live which left some of his fans in tears.

Surprisingly, the actor’s love interest, Mandy has nothing to do with the entertainment world like all his past girlfriends and baby mamas. The woman is a dental surgeon who is practicing in Joburg. When Mandy first surfaced in the actor’s life, there was something about her that made people conclude that it might be different this time and it is sure turning out to be.

SK Khoza and Mandy Hlongwane Recently got Engaged

SK Khoza
SK and Mandy: image source

It is no longer news that Sthembiso SK Khoza is now engaged. In 2020, the South African movie star went officially off the marriage market after popping the big question to his girlfriend Dr. Ayanda Hlongwane, or Mandy Hlongwane. The duo reportedly met earlier in the year following his breakup with Pabee Moganedi. Needless to say that the celebrity actor got an answer in the affirmative and is over the moon with happiness. His rare kind of joy also rubbed off on fans that couldn’t help but pour in the congratulations as they wished the newest couple well.

For a man who loves to keep the details of his love life away from the prying eyes of the public. SK sure didn’t behave in a typical fashion with his extremely public engagement spiced with a bit of drama. We got the wind of the happenings via a 37 minute Instagram TV video. There, the actor was seen expressing profound gratitude to fans for voting in his favor as a nominee in the KZN Entertainment Awards.

As usual, his girlfriend, Mandy joined him a few minutes down the line, but with her attention focused on her phone. SK Khoza leveraged that instance to ask for his fan’s support in popping the big question to his lady love. Yes, an actor of his ilk can never get it wrong as Khoza quickly knelt on one knee while his girlfriend looked dazed trying to understand what was going on. Besides, the Instagram live was bursting with hoards of “Will you marry me?”

When it finally downed on Mandy that her boyfriend was asking her to be his wife, she couldn’t hold the joy and happiness which all radiated through her. In fact, there is no better expression than to say her countenance spoke volumes; the reaction was just too cute, and this made some of their fans break down in tears. Mandy’s “yes” was the icing on the cake.

The couple seems to be having a good time as we have seen together on several occasions. Sk is sure taking love to its limit this time; he even spoils Mandy with a car serenade on the move. the celebrity actor also seemed to be leveraging his connection to a dental surgeon to take care of his own dentition.

SK Khoza Later Talked About Mandy As The Congratulations Poured in

Later in the same video, the SA movie star told a tale of how long he has been waiting to propose. According to the actor, the waiting period has been a long one which saw him holding on to the engagement ring for so long, but he finally chose a very good time. Talking about Mandy, SK said he has never met anyone who showered him with so much love and gives him inspiration. He went further to say that he is genuinely in love this time around; he loves Mandy like crazy, and that they are in a happy space.

The good wishes didn’t take long in coming as congratulatory messages instantly flooded his comment section. The actor’s fans came down in their thousands to wish them well including his bosses, industry mates, and mentors. SK’s marriage proposal didn’t come as a huge surprise to fans as the lovebirds have been visibly flaunting the love and affection they have for each other on social media. On his own part, SK has enjoyed Mandy’s unflinching support for a long time, even when the actor had to stay in the hospital, she was right there by his side. However, we cannot fail to mention that while the duo appears to be genuinely in love, no move has been made towards cementing their relationship by tying the matrimonial knot.

Who is Mandy Hlongwane?

When SK Khoza started flaunting Mandy on his Instagram, fans who know that exposing his love life is somewhat anathema to the actor quickly surmised that it was serious this time around. Thus, they began to ask questions about the identity of the woman that has brought so much joy to the actor’s life.

Investigations later revealed that Mandy Hlongwane is the type that shies away from the limelight. On her own, she is more of a private person. In her professional life, searches revealed that she is unlike SK’s usual kind of women who were majorly involved in showbiz, in fact, Mandy is a doctor with a specialty in dentition. The dental surgeon has her practice in South Africa’s capital, Johannesburg.

On whether she is among the actor’s baby mamas, SK has just three children, his oldest daughter from his divorced wife and the younger two whose mother has been identified as Lee-Anne Makopo. There is no indication that he has fathered a child with Mandy.

SK has Married and Dated Other Women

Far from being the only woman in the entertainer’s life, Mandy is merely his latest woman and hopefully his last. The talented artist has been linked to other women in the past and actually went all the way to marry one of them who gave him his first child.

Sthembiso SK Khoza was Once Married

Perhaps SK Khoza should be dubbed the most secretive celebrity in all of South Africa. The reason is that an actor of his standing was actually married to a woman for a long while and managed to keep both her identity and the details of the wedding secrete until the end. Even when he got embroiled in a love triangle involving Pabee Moganedi, not even a tiny bit of info about his marriage filtered out.

We only got to hear that Khoza’s wife was well aware of his philandering ways and only issued him warnings to keep safe and avoid catching sexually transmitted infections. They were still married when Khoza took Pabee on a clandestine vacation that wouldn’t have been known to the public if not for the photos shared by them.

The actor is now divorced from his wife, however, we cannot categorically say when they got married and how long their union endured, all we know is that the marriage produced the SA entertainer’s first daughter who is not his only child; he has a son and a daughter from Lee-Anne Makopo.

Pabee Moganedi was Cited as the Other Woman in His Divorce 

SK Khoza
SK and Pabee Moganedi: image source

Before SK Khoza got officially divorced from his legally wedded wife, the award-winning actor was enmeshed in a scandal; it was between him, his spouse and his then-lover Pabee Moganedi. When he eventually finalized divorce proceedings with his wife, accusing fingers were pointing at Pabee as the culprit.

According to Pabee, they met at work where they would randomly bump into each other and would exchange greetings at promotional events. Subsequently, they went to an event as each other’s date and became friends. It was not love at first sight for the couple as they had to work together for a long period before they finally hit it off.

When their dalliance eventually took off, it appeared to be very healthy and full of respect and love for each other. While Pabee saw Sthembiso SK Khoza as a man with so much love to give alongside a big heart, the celebrated actor gives her credit as a huge source of encouragement and support, especially when achieving his set goals proved difficult. Things were far from easy at the onset of their relationship as their news constantly hit the headlines. However, Pabee proved herself capable of handling the ensuing scandal as they successfully navigated the tide and came out on the other side as an ostensibly happy couple.

While the going was good, the duo just appeared contented with the status quo, enjoying their time as an item without making plans for the future. But then, just like their dalliance started as a surprise, it ended the same way as Khoza wasted no time in moving on with his life. However, both parties conviniently avoided giving out reason behind their separation as it has remain shrouded to date.

Lee-Anne Makopo is the Mother of the Actor’s Two Younger Children

Lee-Anne Makopo is the woman who gave birth to Sk Khoza’s other children. Being the secretive man that he is, the SA entertainer also conducted this particular affair undercover. When it started and the duration remains unknown, but one thing that can be said for Lee-Anne Makopo is that the woman is not keeping quiet over Khoza’s non-involvement in the upbringing of their children.

Lee-Anne Makopo made the news when she boldly sued her baby-daddy for accumulated child support bills which he refused to pay for months. According to reports, even though the issues of unpaid child support bills portrayed him as an uncaring father, SK is known to be highly protective of his kids.

SK Khoza’s Ex Morna Phathudi is also Involved in Entertainment

SK Khoza
SK and Morna Phathudi: image source

The celebrated actor was also involved with a lady that goes by the name Morna Phathudi who is also connected to the SA entertainment industry, though we cannot say whether they went as far as tying the nuptial knot or not. Besides, SK’s secretive nature made it impossible for us to ascertain when they started and how long it lasted. The name of his woman only came to public notice after his Instagram upload where he shared Phathudi’s picture, thanking her for choosing to be with him for the rest of her life.

In the post, Khoza made references to Phathudi as his life partner, leading sources to conclude that they actually exchanged marriage vows. However searches have proved that there are no records of any wedding between then and even at that, some sites still maintained that the duo got as far as an official engagement. However all that seems to be in the past now as SK continues doing exploits with the opposite sex.


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