Everything About Willy Paul’s Secret Wedding and Who His Wife Is

Kenyan Gospel singer turned secular musician Wilson Abubakar Radido who is popular as Willy Paul is notorious for making headlines with his love life. Some of his alleged marriages usually turn out to be promotional stunts for his love songs, but of late, there have been talks of the young singer settling down for good. He has been seen showering praises on his new queen, and many are convinced that Willy has actually kissed his bachelor life goodbye.

When Did Willy Paul’s Secret Wedding Happen?

In 2020, the popular Kenyan musician revealed in an interview that he was a married man. According to Willy, his alleged wedding was a secret ceremony that only close family and friends. He also revealed that the love of his life was the lady in a music video titled “Bye Bye” which the singer dedicated to his alleged wife as he bids his life as a single man goodbye.

During that same period, he uploaded the video of the song on Instagram to give his fans a glimpse of his new queen. The pair was also seen in several posts in which the lady wore a wedding gown, and Willy Paul was dressed as a groom. They seemed very comfortable with each other in all the photos and attracted many congratulatory messages from fans.

However, apart from the few pictures that Willy Paul showcased on social media, no information is known about the lady. There is no mention of their dating history as the singer has never mentioned being in a serious relationship before the announcement on his gram. More so, no details are available about the mystery lady’s identity. This actually leaves many wondering whether it was another publicity stunt he pulled off to promote his song “Bye Bye.”

Other Women The Singer Has Been Associated With

The former gospel musician who made it even bigger as a secular artist is famous for his controversial relationships some of which tend to start hidden from the media. He is also known to have used one of his alleged marital relationships to promote his song.

Alaine Laughton

A scene of Alaine Laughton (L) and Willy Paul’s (R) “I Do” music video.

Back in February 2017, the internet was set on fire when Willy Paul was linked to famous Jamaican singer Alaine Laughton. Their romance and marriage rumor went viral with the release of the video for his hit track, “I Do.”  When the song’s video began to make rounds on the internet, many believed the pair had gotten married secretly and leveraged that to release a song.

Willy Paul would also intensify the rumor by uploading a post on Instagram with the caption, “I did not show my new wife’s face, here she is, yes! Alaine said yes. Habari ndio hiyo”.  The American Jamaican singer also took to her page to express her delight about the video, which made many believe they were really a couple. The pair even made several clips that suggest they were a couple and uploaded them on their social media pages. By the way, as of then, Willy Paul was about 23 years old while Alaine was in her 40s, and this wide age gap made their alleged marriage even more controversial.

However, when all the excitement was getting to its peak, the truth about the union was revealed. The pair never had any marriage, and the whole charade was a publicity stunt for Willy Paul’s song, “I Do,” which also featured Alaine Laughton. Nonetheless, the pair seemed to have forged a powerful bond after that collaboration and have been seen sharing several cute photos ever since their paths crossed.

Mama Damian

The popular Kenya singer is a father of a lovely son named Damian Radido Opondo, whose identity he kept off the media for about 2 years. However, his first mention of being a dad happened sometime in 2019 when he posted a picture showing himself, an unnamed lady with a boy whose face was blurred. He tagged the picture ‘#Family.’ Though as of then, many did not believe he was serious about being a family man as Willy Paul is known for his antics with regards to his love life.

Nevertheless, in 2020, the singer made it known officially that he was a proud father to his son Damian. He made a post in which he thanked the mother of his son with the words: “A very big thank you to mama Damian, thank you for giving me a son King Damian.. this is my son’s mother…” He would also reveal his son’s face and informed his fans that the little guy was actually 2 years.

Apart from the revelation about his relationship with Mama Damian, who is believed to be a Kenyan lady, there are no further details about their romance nor the lady’s identity. As of now, though, it is obvious that Willy is still very much part of their lives as he penned down a heartfelt message during Damian’s second birthday when he showcased him to the world.

Mama Sonya

Later in January 2021, Willy Paul once again took to social media to showcase that he has a daughter with his Arabian partner, whom he refers to as Mama Sonya. In another social media post, the singer wrote a very cute piece for his princess which reads: ‘2021 is already good to me… I can’t thank you enough, Lord, for this gift.. my daughter SONYA WILSOVNA. Always know that daddy loves you so so much baby girl. I’ll always be here for you… I’ll be your superman… you have won my heart, my love. May the Lord keep you safe and sound, take you to places no one’s been before. Welcome to my world. Mommy and Daddy LOVEEE YOU TOO MUCH!!! BLACK AND WHITE COMBINATION.”

Like his first baby mama, there are also no details about Willy Paul’s relationship with his Arabian partner. No mention has been made about their romance before the revelation he made about having a daughter with her. The only known fact about the identity of Mama Sonya is the fact that she is Arab. However, it is possible that the pair hooked up a little above a year ago since their daughter is still a toddler.

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