Afeez Owo Biography and Personal Life as Mide Martins Husband

Afeez Owo whose real name is Afeez Abiodun is a Yoruba movie actor, producer, and director. Though he can hold his own in the Yoruba entertainment industry, Afeez is best known for being the husband of Mide Martins, a popular Yoruba actress and the daughter of the deceased entertainer Fumi Martins.

It was while Afeez worked as Fumi’s manager that he got to know Mide and the duo later decided to exchange the forever commitment vows after Fumi’s demise.

Since their nuptials, Afeez and Mide enjoyed marital bliss for many years until trouble came into their paradise in 2016 which led them to separate. However, the celebrity couple was able to overcome their marriage crisis and have come back stronger than before. What’s more, their union is blessed with the birth of two beautiful daughters. But this is just the tip of the iceberg.

How Did Afeez Owo and Mide Martins Meet?

While Afeez Owo was working with Funmi Martins, the late Yoruba actress (she was Mide’s mother) as her manager, Mide Martins was studying far away in London. Their paths later crossed when Mide came back to Nigeria during one of her mum’s photoshoots and according to reports, it was not love at first sight for the celebrity couple.

The duo started relating as friends as they were both involved in other relationships. Before long, Mide came to see Afeez in the light of a brother and their relationship became stronger, just like what you would normally see between siblings. With time, Afeez had problems with his relationship (he caught his then-girlfriend cheating) and ironically, Mide was among those who pleaded on the girl’s behalf but Afeez refused to take her back. As fate would have it, the actress also became free from her relationship, paving way for the Mide/Afeez dalliance.

Their Wedding Became a Reality in the Early 2000s

Afeez Owo
Afeez and Mide image source

After they started dating, it became clear in no time that the couple was heading for the altar. However, the exact time they got married has continued to elude the media. Afeez revealed in a 2018 interview that he has known his wife for 25 years and they have enjoyed marital bliss for 17 out of the 25. The statement is a pointer that the couple may have wedded in 2001.

However, we have seen reports that said their wedding only happened after the demise of Mide’s mother and it is public knowledge that Fumi Martins died on the 6th of April 2002. Whichever may be the case, it is clear that the duo tied the connubial knot in the early 2000s. The couple has lived together as husband and wife for almost two decades now and still counting. Naturally, their union has seen some tough challenges but they have been able to conquer all.

Mide Martins On Why She Chose Afeez Owo

According to Afeez Owo’s wife, Mide Martins, she decided to pitch her tent with the movie maker because of the qualities she discovered in him. After Fumi Martin’s demise, the veteran movie star left some unfinished work behind, and being her manager for years, Afeez was available to hold Mide’s hand as she tried to complete whatever was left undone and recover from the great loss. However, the movie producer was rejected the first time he asked Mide out. According to Fumi Martin’s daughter, the idea sounded rather strange as she already viewed him in the light of a brother and never thought it was possible for them to view each other in a romantic light.

After telling him how impossible it was for them to become lovers, Mide began to have a change of heart upon seeing some admirable qualities in her mum’s former manager. According to Mide, money had nothing to do with her decision as Afeez wasn’t even rich then, neither was he the most handsome of men. Her reason for dating him Mide said was because he proved to be very reliable. She soon discovered other good sides of the man; he is caring, faithful, has a good heart, and what’s more, Afeez is very easygoing. With all these appealing qualities. Mide reasoned that he deserved a chance with her.

After two decades as a wife and mother, Afeez Owo’s wife feels secure enough to dish out relationship advice to young people in search of love. According to the mother of two, patience is important in a relationship as all that glitters is not gold. Her marriage she said, endured for so long because she practiced patience. Even though their early days were far from smooth, she was patient with her husband through the good and bad times, and remaining calm during the rough times is the crux of the matter. Stressing that wealth is not a guarantee for happiness, Mide advised singles to go for that reliable person that makes them happy.

Afeez Owo Also Had Something To Say About His Marriage

While his wife was dishing out the relationship advice to singles, the movie actor, producer, and director also chipped in a word or two. According to Afeez Owo, his wife is not just beautiful, but she is a woman with admirable motherly traits which according to him is very important in marriage.

Even before they said “I do” Afeez said he realized that Mide is one simple girl with a good head. Talking about his ex-girlfriend, The movie maker said his wife even came to plead on the girl’s behalf after she was caught cheating but his mind was already made up. Though they didn’t start dating instantly, he has come to love his spouse so deeply and she is like a mother to him.

Their Marriage Received Serious Criticisms

When she surfaced on the Nigerian movie scene, Mide Martins was listed among the most beautiful actresses to ever grace the screen. Thus, fans were really expectant that she will one day settle down with an equally handsome man. However, when the news of her nuptials with her mum’s former manager went public, it elicited mixed reactions among fans; while some wished them well, many put the beautiful actress under heavy criticism for choosing to pitch her tent with Afeez Owo.

Among their reasons is the fact that Afeez was far from good-looking and placed side by side with Mide, he is no good match. Soon, speculations started making the rounds that the moviemaker had to use charm in order to seduce Mide into agreeing to marry him. However, Mide Martins was ready and able to weather all the harsh criticisms and in an interview session, she came all out to defend her spousal choice. Mide insisted that love played a huge role in bringing them together, looks and wealth notwithstanding.

Mide Was Accused Of Infidelity

Hardly can you see a celebrity who has never been embroiled in controversies and the wife of Afeez Owo is not different from the rest. At a point in their marriage, Mide Martins was enmeshed in cheating rumors. According to the speculations, she went to South Africa in the company of a man who is a real estate boss. Though the man’s identity was never revealed, the grapevine led us to believe that he is in fact married to one of Mide’s friends.

Though it was never proved whether the first rumor was true or not, Another more damaging speculation soon surfaced, alleging that the beautiful Yoruba actress slept her way to fame, cavorting with different men to get to where she is today. Another version of the tale even let on that Mide’s so-called lover owned up, admitting that they slept together, and before long, Afeez Owo got wind of the whole gory tale. Naturally, this caused a lot of friction between the duo and according to the moviemaker, Mide would answer insecurely when asked provocative questions. Afeez had no choice but to suspect the worst and started watching his wife’s every move. Even when he was assured that the infidelity tale was not true, the moviemaker just couldn’t take it and parted ways with Mide.

The infidelity rumors were a big blow on the mother of two who even had a heart attack and ended up in the hospital. Sadly, her vulnerable state did not elicit a modicum of pity from the malicious gossips as they quickly put another angle to the tale; Mide was pretending to be sick just to get her husband back.

Mide’s Alleged Infidelity Led Them To Separate Briefly

The news of their separation didn’t go public until April 2016 when the tale-tale signs of their marriage crisis started infiltrating into the public arena. On Mide’s birthday, Afeez Owo took to social media to celebrate his wife but sadly, Mide failed to reciprocate on Owo’s birthday which fell the next day. The Yoruba actress soon faced backlash for ignoring her spouse on his birthday; this led her to open up about the recent happenings in the marriage.

In an Instagram post dated 16th of April 2016, Mide Martins narrated how Afeez abandoned his family and moved into another apartment for over three months. Naturally, people thought it was Mide’s alleged extra-marital affairs that pushed Afeez out of his matrimonial home, but the mother of two said he left after they argued on issues concerning their children. According to the actress, they usually quarrel as other couples do but will resolve things amicably in no time.

However, this time around, it seemed to be serious as Afeez deemed it necessary to abandon his family. Her husband was just trying to confuse the public when he celebrated her birthday, Mide said. He just didn’t want them to sense what was really happening.

The Couple Has Since Reconciled

We were not treated to the details of their reconciliation but going by what is perceivable, the couple didn’t let the grass grow under their feet before burying the hatchet. What this means is that their marriage crisis only lasted for a few days.

We got to hear of their reconciliation from Mide Martins who took to Instagram on the 22nd of April 2016 to announce the good news of their reunion. Afeez Owo only commented on the incident a few years down the line when he revealed how Mide regretted her actions which according to him, resulted from bad advice from friends.

That particular marriage crisis is the only known one the couple has experienced and since their reconciliation, they have been enjoying marital bliss.

Meet The Children Mide Martins Shares With Her Husband

Afeez Owo
Mide and their daughters – image source

The number of children Afeez Owo and his wife Mide have has always been misconstrued by fans. The couple became parents almost immediately after they got married two decades ago, and today, they have two daughters named Anuoluwapo Abiodun and her younger sister, Omotola Abiodun.

Both Afeez and Mide have done a good job of keeping their children away from the prying eyes of the media. Consequently, very little about them is in the public arena. However, it is common knowledge that the first of their two girls is Anuoluwapo who joined the family in May 2008. May 2018 marked the girl’s 10th birthday and we witnessed as both her mum and dad took to their respective Instagram handles to celebrate their daughter. Anuoluwapo passed through M. D School and in July 2018, she graduated from primary school.

For their second child Omotola, nothing is known about her but going by what is obvious, the couple loves both their children and has dedicated quality time to raising them.

Between Afeez Owo and His Wife Mide Martins, Who Is Richer?

Mide Martins is a famous Yoruba actress who has graced the screen in a plethora of productions, recording a good number of commercials and endorsements with different brands. On the other hand, Afeez Owo earns his living as an actor, a movie producer cum director with quite a tidy number of productions under his belt. Just like Mide’s career has recorded several years of success, her husband also deserves a mention when it is time to take a headcount of the successful entertainers in the Yoruba movie industry.

With that said, we must acknowledge that one has recorded more success than the other when you view it from the net worth angle. According to reports, Mide’s fortune is rated to sit between $1 to $5 million while her husband’s net worth was last estimated at $750,000. Even though we agree that both are doing handsomely well, Mide appears to have the upper hand from what is obvious.

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