Everything To Know About NNPC Scholarships, Requirements and How To Apply

Students of Nigerian origin who lack the financial capacity to sponsor their university education now have a reason to smile as the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) in collaboration with Total Upstream Companies in Nigeria offers scholarship awards to undergraduate students who are freshmen or currently in 200 level in Nigerian tertiary institutions.

However, there are a lot of criteria to be met before one is offered an NNPC Scholarship. For one, entry-level students will have scores from 200 and above in the University Matriculation Examination (UTME) and 200 levels students will present proof of a 2.50 CGPA or its equivalent (this is on a scale of 5). Aside from this, applicants must also fill the online application form carefully to avoid any mistake which can cause disqualification.

What is NNPC (Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation) Scholarship All About?

NNPC scholarship is a special kind of scholarship offered by the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation in collaboration with TUCN (Total Upstream Companies in Nigeria); Total Upstream Nigeria Limited (TUPNI) and Total Exploration & Production Nigeria Limited (Total E&P Nig Ltd) to students in tertiary institution students who are of Nigerian origin. The scholarship award is usually targeted at deserving Nigerians who are preparing to enter the tertiary institutions or those already studying. For the latter, the students must be below 300 levels.

The NNPC/TOTAL Scholarship scheme is a component of the corporate social responsibility of both NNPC and TOTAL and its major aim is to fast-track the development of academic excellence and promotion of quality manpower. The scheme has been sustained for years and serves as a means through which both organizations display their commitment to the academic development of Nigerian students

The NNPC Scholarship is only obtainable in Nigeria and it is only indigenes that would be considered eligible for the award. Non-indigenes and those with plans to study abroad will not be granted the award. International students have their own special package from the organization called NNPC Scholarship for International Students otherwise referred to as financial aids. Thus, intending applicants should know the category they fall under and apply appropriately.

Who Should Apply For NNPC Scholarship?

The NNPC Scholarship is intended for only tertiary institution students of Nigerian origin who are studying or wish to study in Nigerian universities. Nigerians with plans of studying outside the country are not considered eligible and cannot benefit from this particular scheme.

These are The Criterias That Applicants Must Meet to Earn Eligibility

The under-listed criteria must be met before an intending enrollee can be deemed eligible to receive the NNPC scholarship award.

  • Enrollees must be registered full-time students of any Nigerian tertiary institution.
  • No scholarship will be awarded to students on part-time/sandwich programs.
  • As at the time of submitting the application, intending applicants must either be at 100 or 200 level.
  • Proof of their O’ Level certificate must be provided.
  • Proof of their UTME or Jamb score must be provided.
  • Proof of admission must be provided and it must be from a Nigerian university.
  • A matriculation number must be attached to it.
  • For the students who wish to enroll through direct entry, they ought to present their A’ Level certificate.

NNPC Scholarship

The under-listed categories of students will face disqualification if they submit an application for the NNPC Scholarship Scheme.

  • Intending enrollees whose JAMB or UTME scores are less than 200.
  • Students whose CGPA is below 2.50 (this should be on a 5 point scale/it’s equivalent).
  • Students who are in 3rd year and above.
  • Students who are currently beneficiaries of any scheme similar to the NNPC Scholarship award will be disqualified.

Here Is What The Application Process Entails

The NNPC/TOTAL Scholarship scheme has its own application form that must be completed online via the official NNPC – TOTAL scholarship portal. These internet web browsers are considered reliable when applying for the Scholarship scheme; Chrome, Firefox, IE9+, and Safari.

While completing the forms online, applicants should ensure that all information provided are correct as mistakes will lead to disqualification. Applicants will also face disqualification if they were found to have deliberately submitted false information during the application process. Even when an applicant has scaled through all the processes and emerged successfully, it can still be withdrawn. Submitting false info during application will be regarded as a fraudulent practice.

Guidelines For Submitting NNPC Scholarship Application

The first thing to do is register on the official scholarship portal for the scholarship grant. After registration, you will be sent a link in your email which you will use to apply for the scheme. We have given a detailed explanation of all the fields applicants will be required to fill on the online form for NNPC Scholarship,

  • Personal Information: This is the field where applicants are required to enter their name and permanent home address. The field also requires them to scan and upload a copy of their recent passport photograph.
  • Contact Information: In this field, applicants ought to enter their email addresses and working phone numbers. Applicants must ensure that they only submit a valid email as any mistake may lead to disqualification.
  • Origin: Information about an applicant’s Local government and state of origin is entered in this field. Also required here is the person’s certificate of origin from either LGA or state; this must be uploaded in this field.
  • University Information: In this section, applicants will need to select their university, course of study, and current year of study (this means your level as at the time the application was submitted). Also, it is compulsory that you upload your University/JAMB admission letter as proof that you have already gained admission.
  • Result Information: This is the section where applicants are required to key in their university CGPA/JAMB statement of result/score.
  • Review Application: This is the final section where the applicant should painstakingly peruse all the details entered in the entire application form; this helps in ensuring that all the necessary fields were correctly filled. the review stage should be taken seriously as it can save you from being disqualified

Documents Required to Complete The Application Process

For The NNPC Scholarship Scheme, the following documents are considered to be compulsory and thus, must be uploaded for the process to be considered complete

  • Certificate/Proof of Origin
  • Recent Passport Photograph
  • UTME Result
  • SSCE (Senior Secondary Certificate of Education).
  • 1st Year Result with CGPA.
  • JAMB or University Admission Letter.

After you have attested that every information entered in the application form is true, you can go ahead and accept the terms and conditions and hit on the submit button. With this done, a pop-up message will appear on your screen telling you that your application was successful. Also, you will receive an email to this effect.

After the closing date for the NNPC Scholarship, a date for the selection test will be announced and will be held at specially designated centers; this will be communicated to the successful applicants alone. Applicants bear the full transportation costs to their respective exam centerS and they will not get reimbursement from NNPC. Consequently, intending applicants are always advised to select only the centers nearest to them.

Courses Covered By The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation Scholarship Scheme

There are no special courses mapped out for the NNPC Scholarship scheme as it is open to all courses offered at the undergraduate level in Nigerian tertiary institutions. Thus students are at liberty to go for any course of their choice.

What Are The Benefits/Value Enrollees Can Get From The NNPC Scholarship

There are quite a few mouth-watering benefits attached to the NNPC Scholarship scheme and they are listed below;

  • It is a fully-funded scholarship for students at the undergraduate level
  • The yearly entitlement for successful students is pegged at the total sum of N150,000
  • These funds cover basic academic needs such as tuition fees, book allowance, accommodation, and so on.
  • Deserving students of Nigerian origin who lack sufficient resources to cater to their educational needs can benefit from the scheme.

NNPC Scholarship

NNPC Scholarship For International Students

Apart from the NNPC/TOTAL Scholarship which is targeted at only Nigerian students studying in Nigerian universities, there is equally an NNPC Scholarship for International Students. Under this special scheme, students studying outside the country receive international scholarships, grants, or fellowships. These grants are generally referred to as financial aid and most of the time; it is handled by the NNPC’s financial aid office.

International students enjoy various NNPC scholarships/internships. The university-based scholarships apart, there are still other organizations that offer scholarships to international students. All these scholarships are accessible but intending enrollees will have to apply online through their official application portals.

Latest International Scholarships, Grants, And Fellowships Information.

  • Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation Bachelors Scholarships; this is also referred to as the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation undergraduate scholarships
  • Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation Masters scholarships
  • Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation Ph.D. scholarships.

Facts About The NNPC Scholarship

  • When it is time to call up for the submission of applications, it will be publicized on several outlets; the company intranet, Total website, and on national dailies.
  • Intending enrollees must go online to complete the application process. Access the application form, fill it correctly, attach all the required docs, and hit on the submit button.
  • The selection examination is administered and conducted by a national Examination body which also takes the responsibility of providing the results in a secure/safe environment.
  • All scholarships will be awarded based on merit; the intending beneficiaries need to present themselves, sit for and pass the selection tests which will be conducted at designated centers across the country.
  • The selection test is held annually for each academic session. thus, applicants who were not successful this year can also try for the next academic session.
  • Regular student verification exercises will be carried out on the scheme. NNPC will not leave you to your devices after crediting your account with the scholarship grant; they will conduct periodic checks on you.
  • An Award letter duly endorsed by the DMD (Deputy Managing Director) of TUCN is the only evidence of TUCN’s commitment to the awardees. All beneficiaries ought to return a fully endorsed Acceptance Form committing the person to the rules and regulations that guide the National Merit Scholarship Scheme
  • For the successful applicants, they will be advised to open bank accounts in their own name; These accounts must be domiciled in any Nigerian bank of their choice
  • Then, they will receive award payments into their personal bank accounts. No awardee shall receive a cash payment, all funds must be channeled via the banks. The initial payment will be made in less than two months after the award has been granted and subsequently, beneficiaries will need to submit their annual school results before the ensuing payments can be effected.
  • The award is strictly for 100 level or 200 levels students in Nigerian tertiary institutions who have completed all the processes of admission and have collected duly signed Offer/ Admission Letter and/or their Student Matriculation number from their various institutions.
  • While the National Merit Scholarship award is ongoing, the authorities will not entertain changes in the enrollee’s course of study, the duration of the course, or the location of study. If any such change must be made, then, it has to be communicated to the authorities of the scheme by written application following which the request will be reviewed based on merit.
  • The National Merit Scholarship award is non-extendable and non-transferable (enrollees cannot extend it neither can they transfer it). It should not be regarded as a future Engagement Contract and no student is under any type of Bond with the organizers of the scheme for the duration of the award or after it.
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