Everything To Know About Themba Ndaba’s First Divorce and Current Wife

Themba Ndaba is notable as an award-winning South African actor who has shown his prowess in the entertainment industry for over three decades. Among his best works is his performance in the TV series, The Queen. His role on the show is his most popular one to date as it gained him widespread recognition. Another notable role is the one he had in Hopeville, which won him several accolades.

Asides from his thriving acting career, Ndaba has also attracted a lot of attention to himself because of his marital life. The talented actor is known to have gone through a divorce back in 2007 when things went south between him and his actress wife, Sophie.

Themba Ndaba Was Married To Sophie Mphasane For Close To A Decade

Themba Ndaba has had his own share of broken relationships and this can be traced to his first marriage to the actress Sophie Ndaba (nee Mphasane). The pair, who reportedly tied the knot in 1998, decided to end their union which was almost a decade long in 2007.

Not much has been revealed with regards to how the pair started their relationship but it is speculated to have begun in the mid-90s. More so, since both of them were still budding film stars as of then, it’s possible that their passion for acting must have brought them together.

It would interest you to know that the pair did not have a messy divorce. They have not even spoken much about the reason they decided to part ways after such a long period of time together. However, the same cannot be said of the subsequent failed relationships Sophie had been entangled in.

The actress was reportedly shot by one of her partners when they were on the verge of breaking up. The former Mrs. Ndaba is also known to have gone through a very messy divorce with her businessman ex-husband, Max Lichagba, in 2017.

Themba and Sophie Have One Child Together

Contrary to popular belief, Themba and Sophie Ndaba do not have two kids. The duo only brought one child into the world; their son Lwandle Ndaba. Not much is known about the birth facts of the young man but from what was gathered, he should be in his early twenties. There are also no available details concerning his career pursuit and it could be because he is yet to complete his college education given his age.

With regards to their reported second child, Sophie has a much older daughter named Rudo who is a spitting image of her and the two can pass as sisters. According to reports, she was born on August 19th, 1990. Sophie was still a teenager at the time. It is not clear who the father of the girl is, however, it is not Themba.

Rudo was initially raised by her mother before she married Themba in 1997 and the pair began to co-parent her. Rudo attended an all-girls school, Inanda Seminary School, in Durban. However, apart from this bit of information, no further details have been provided concerning the college she attended nor the career she is pursuing.

The Actor Found Love Again In 2011

Themba Ndaba is currently married to a lady known as Sebolelo (Josey) Ndaba, and the pair have been together since 2011. Unlike his ex-wife who was also in the spotlight with him, no information has been released pertaining to Josey Ndaba’s occupation. More so, the couple has managed to keep their family affairs off the radar of the media, hence no details are available concerning how and when they started their romance.

As of now, Themba and Josey have one child together and that is their son, Sibusiso Ndaba. Details about the young boy are not readily available, including details of when he was born.

Themba Ndaba Continues To Achieve Great Strides In His Career

Themba Ndaba is one of the great talents South Africa can boast of as he has managed to win the hearts of many African film lovers. As already mentioned, he is better known for playing the role of Uncle Brutus Khoza in the hit SA TV series, The Queen, in 2016. This is, however, not the first South African TV series Ndaba has been a part of as he has been taking on several roles in notable films since he kickstarted his career in 1990.

Some of Ndaba’s top movies and the roles he portrayed in them include:

  • Hopeville in which he appeared in the first season as Amos Manyani
  • Season 1 of Mfolozi Street in which he played the role of Madlisa
  • Rhythm City’s season 1 where he was cast as Troll
  • Season 4 of Rockville where he played the role of Ngema
  • Soul City‘s season 9 featured the actor in the role of Zimele
  • Season 1 of The Road where he took on the role of Silas Mhlaba Ziqubu

Asides from his notable roles, Themba Ndaba is also known for the numerous award nominations and recognitions he has attracted for his contribution to the South African Entertainment industry.

So far, Ndaba is a double award winner of the Best Actor title for Hopeville – these awards were presented by SAFTA (or Double Horn Awards) and the African Movie Academy Award. His award nominations which are quite an extensive list include:

  • Best Actor for the TV series, The Queen as presented by DStv Mzansi Viewer’s Choice Awards in 2017
  • South Africa Best Lead Actor for his role in Hopeville as presented by the South African Film & Television Awards (SAFTA) in 2010
  • South Africa Best Actor in a Leading Role for the series, Hopeville as compiled by the African Movie Academy Awards in 2010
  • Outstanding Actor for the TV series, Hopeville which was presented by Golden Nymph Awards during the Monte-Carlo Television Festival in 2009

It would also interest you to know that Themba Ndaba was once again nominated by DStv Mzanisi Viewer’s Choice Awards for the Best Actor title for The Queen in 2019, but he rejected the nominations. According to the actor, he wanted others who had been nominated for the same title over the years to get the chance to win it. This was a thoughtful gesture by him and it further buttresses the fact that he is not just a talented actor but also a noble one too.

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