Which Animals Represent Evil?

Which are Evil Animals of Africa?

In describing evil animals especially in Africa, cultures and traditions are part of the factors that must be considered. Animals that are considered evil by one group of people can be considered quite innocent by another. The driving factor in branding certain animals as evil is purely superstition, myths and legends that had been told from generations and generations. Weird looking animals usually tagged as evil animals are usually considered to have some super powers and anyone associated with it is looked unto as evil or should be expecting evil in no distant time.

Evil Animals in Africa

In countries like Nigeria, typical examples of evil animals include the likes of owls and bats and in some cases seeing a pussy cat in the night may also be associated with evil. The owl is regarded as evil and is associated with witchcraft while other animals like the pussy cat especially the black ones are also regarded as evil most especially in the coastal countries of West Africa.

Africa is a continent where you find most people becoming superstitious and believe in a lot of things. Snakes (serpents) are also associated with evil especially among the christian community – probably because of the deception of Adam and eve in the Holy Bible

In the ancient Egypt, some animals were said to be evil because they were understood to be followers of the god Seth. In those times, if the animal was unnaturally vicious, they were said to be followers of Seth. Such animals included, wild boars, alligators, giraffes, storks and other kinds of birds. Dogs were also branded evil, but only for a certain period of time, after which they then became mans best friend or they became domesticated. Other animals like the ram or the goat with its horns curling all the way around behind it was also said to be related somehow to the devil and that the devil bred evil like goats.

The concept of evil animals also had its strong grip on people’s beliefs especially in the more medieval times when black cats and panthers were said to be evil due to the numerous accounts of these animals seen with so-called “witches”, when witches were referred to as evil, their pets or “familiars” (guardians through the craft) were then regarded as to be possessed by the devil himself. others creatures like bats and spiders are also being regarded as evil especially as seen in some modern books, movies, stories, urban myths and legends, etc.